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Quicken All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Quicken All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Gail A. Perry CPA

ISBN: 978-0-471-79962-7

Apr 2006

792 pages

Select type: E-Book



  • Quicken is the #1 personal finance software on the market, with greater than 70 percent retail market share and 16 million active users
  • This book features eight minibooks comprising nearly 750 pages-all the information people need to get the most out of the latest Quicken release, get their finances under control, start building a nest egg, and pay less to the IRS
  • The only book on the market to include coverage on Quicken Premier Home & Business
  • Minibook topics include personal finance basics, an introduction to Quicken, household finances, planning ahead and saving, tracking investments, retirement planning, taxes, and managing small business finances
  • Quicken books are consistent top sellers, with more than 900,000 copies of Quicken For Dummies sold in all in all editions

Book I: Personal Finance Basics.

Chapter 1: Earning Income and Investing.

Chapter 2: Paying Bills.

Chapter 3: Budgeting.

Chapter 4: Protecting Yourself.

Chapter 5: Planning for the Future.

Book II: Quicken Basics.

Chapter 1: Setting Up Quicken.

Chapter 2: Using the Register.

Chapter 3: Managing Your Accounts.

Chapter 4: Reconciling an Account.

Chapter 5: Introducing Online Banking Services.

Book III: Investments.

Chapter 1: Quicken and Investments.

Chapter 2: Your Portfolio.

Chapter 3: Monitoring Your Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts.

Chapter 4: Watch Lists and News You Can Use.

Book IV: Household Finances.

Chapter 1: Borrowing Money.

Chapter 2: Using a Credit Card Account.

Chapter 3: Your Home.

Chapter 4: Quicken Billminder and Bill Pay.

Chapter 5: Budgeting in Quicken.

Book V: Taxes.

Chapter 1: The Quicken Tax Center.

Chapter 2: Entering Tax-Friendly Information.

Chapter 3: Tax Reports You Can Use.

Chapter 4: Interfacing with TurboTax.

Chapter 5: Tax Planning with Quicken.

Book VI: Retirement Planning and Other Saving.

Chapter 1: The Quicken Financial Planner.

Chapter 2: Tracking Your Retirement Savings in Quicken.

Chapter 3: Savings Goals.

Chapter 4: Saving for College.

Chapter 5: Automating Your Savings Program.

Book VII: Quicken Reports.

Chapter 1: Creating QuickReports.

Chapter 2: Quicken’s Standard Reports.

Chapter 3: Customizing Reports.

Chapter 4: Printing and Saving Reports.

Book VIII: Small Business Finances.

Chapter 1: Quicken Premier Home & Business.

Chapter 2: Tracking Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Chapter 3: Tracking Jobs and Payroll.

Chapter 4: Recording Fixed Assets.

Chapter 5: Business Forms and Reports.

Book IX: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Backing Up Data.

Appendix B: Aggravating Things About Quicken.

Appendix C: Resources for Personal Finance.

Appendix D: Getting Help with Quicken.


Appendix A: Backing Up Data
Appendix B: Aggravating Things About Quicken
Appendix C: Resources for Personal Finance
Appendix D: Getting Help with Quicken