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Quo Vadimus: Geophysics for the Next Generation

Quo Vadimus: Geophysics for the Next Generation

George D. Garland (Editor), John R. Apel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66658-6 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 117 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 60.

This Monograph contains the contributions to the Union symposium, held at the XIX General Assembly, Vancouver, Canada in August 1987, and known as the Quo Vadimus symposium.
As the name ("Where are we going?") suggests, one principal purpose of the symposium was to identify outstanding problems of geodesy and geophysics, and thereby to stimulate efforts to solve them over the next few decades. While there had been a number of proposals to take a critical look at the present state of these sciences, the form of the symposium owes much to a suggestion by Professor Keilis-Borok, that geodesists and geophysicists emulate the critical review of mathematics made by David Hilbert in 1900. Hilbert outlined twenty-three unsolved problems, which he felt were being bequeathed to the mathematicians of the twentieth century. His paper has had great influence, and many of the problems isolated by him have now been solved.

George D. Garland and John R. Apel ix

Vening Meinesz, a Pioneer in Earth Sciences
N. J. Vlaar xi

Geodesy and Geophysics in Their Interaction with Mathematics and Physics, and Some Open Problems in Geodesy
Helmut Moritz 1

Geodesy and Geophysics
J. M. Wahr 5

Geophysical Geodesy: The Study of the Slow Deformations of the Earth
Kurt Lambeck 7

Some Possible Additional Answers
Petr Vanfcek 11

The Earth as a Planet
William M. Kaula 13

Space Plasma Physics
Donald J. Williams, George L. Siscoe 21

The Importance of the Variability of the Solar-Terrestrial Environment
Y. Kamide 23

Where Are We Going in the Study of Short-Period Climate Fluctutations?
Jerome Namias 25

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Related Topics
Raymond Hide 39

Hydrodynamic Complexity in the Earth System
W. Richard Peltier 43

George C. Reid 45

Comments on George Reid's "Quo Vadimus" Contribution "Climate"
Paul J. Crutzen 47

Research in Climate Science
Stephen H. Schneider 49

Scale Interactions
John T. Snow 55

Oceanography and Geophysics
D. Lal 59

Earth Science in the 21st Century
Paul H. LeBlond 63

Physical Oceanography to the End of the Twentieth Century
R. W. Stewart 65

Comments on R. W. Stewart's "Physical Oceanography to the End of the Twentieth Century"
C. Wunsch 69

Quo Vadimus-Hydrology
Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz 71

Statement to Follow Quo Vadimus-Hydrology by Z. W. Kundzewicz
Mark Meier 77

Statement on Quo Vadimus-Hydrology
Peter S. Eagleson 79

The Lithosphere of the Earth as a Large Non-Linear System
V. Keilis-Borok 81

Contributions to the Quo Vadimus Symposium 83

Index 115