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R.E.A.D.: Seventy Strategies to Support Reading Success

Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez, Carrice Cummins

ISBN: 978-0-470-57438-6 January 2010 192 Pages

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This new first edition text will excite future teachers in their endeavors to help students become strategic readers.  This book is a collection of strategies based on the 5 + 2 essential elements of literacy instruction: oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. The text is intended to be a “teacher friendly” document that teachers can use to provide students with strategies for developing a clearer understanding of these areas of literacy development.  Many of the “strategies” included in this book could be referred to as activities, methods, or even approaches.  

Divided into eight sections, each section contains a brief conceptual overview as well as specific strategies that can be used to facilitate the development of that literacy process. Each strategy follows a READ format:  (R) explains why the strategy is important in developing strategic readers as it applies to that particular literacy element.  The strategy explanation (E) extends on the importance by more explicitly defining and describing critical characteristics that it encompasses.  The application (A) section provides a descriptive narrative of what the strategy might look like in the classroom. Step-by-step procedures for strategy implementation are provided in the delivery (D) section.

Introduction ix

Dedication xi

SECTION I Oral Language 1

Barrier Games 3

Directed Listening–Thinking Activity 5

Elaboration 7

Grand Conversations 9

Language Experience Approach 11

Retelling 13

Role Play 15

Sketch-to-Stretch 17

SECTION II Phonemic Awareness 19

Clapping Syllables 21

Elkonin Boxes 23

Language Play 25

Picture BINGO 27

Picture Sorts 31

SECTION III Phonics 35

Analytic Phonics 37

Synthetic Phonics 39

Embedded Phonics 41

Analogy Phonics 43


Cloze 48

Onset and Rime Flip Books 50

Making Words 53

Rainbow Alphabet Arc 56

Word Family Concentration 58

Word Wall 61

SECTION IV Fluency 65

Choral Reading 66

Echo Reading 68

Fluency Development Lesson 70

Neurological Impress Method 72

Readers’ Theater 74

Tape-Assisted Reading 76

SECTION V Vocabulary 79

Concept Circles 81

Context Clues 84

Frayer Model 87

Linear Arrays 89

List-Group-Label 91

Possible Sentences 94

Predict-o-Gram 96

Semantic Feature Analysis 99

Semantic Maps 101

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Scale 104

Vocabulary Doodles 107

Word Sorts 109

SECTION VI Comprehension 111

Anticipation Guide 113

Character Analysis 115

Cubing 117

Directed Reading–Thinking Activity 119

Discussion Web 121

GO! Chart 123

K-W-L 127

Plot Graph 129

Question-Answer Relationships 131

Questioning the Author 134

Reciprocal Teaching 136

Skimming and Scanning 138

Story Bags 140

Story Maps 142

Story Pyramids 145

SECTION VII Writing 147

Alphabet Books 149

Interactive Writing 152

Journaling 154

Learning Logs 156

RAFT 158

REAP 160


Writing Frames 164


Read-Aloud 168

Shared Reading 171

Guided Reading 174

Independent Reading 177

Literature Circles 179


A collection of strategies based on the 5+2 essential elements of literacy instruction: oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.