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R For Dummies

R For Dummies

Andrie de Vries, Joris Meys

ISBN: 978-1-119-96284-7

Jun 2012

406 pages


Master the programming language of choice among statisticians and data analysts worldwide

Coming to grips with R can be tough, even for seasoned statisticians and data analysts. Enter R For Dummies, the quick, easy way to master all the R you'll ever need. Requiring no prior programming experience and packed with practical examples, easy, step-by-step exercises, and sample code, this extremely accessible guide is the ideal introduction to R for complete beginners. It also covers many concepts that intermediate-level programmers will find extremely useful.

  • Master your R ABCs ? get up to speed in no time with the basics, from installing and configuring R to writing simple scripts and performing simultaneous calculations on many variables
  • Put data in its place ? get to know your way around lists, data frames, and other R data structures while learning to interact with other programs, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Make data dance to your tune ? learn how to reshape and manipulate data, merge data sets, split and combine data, perform calculations on vectors and arrays, and much more
  • Visualize it ? learn to use R's powerful data visualization features to create beautiful and informative graphical presentations of your data
  • Get statistical ? find out how to do simple statistical analysis, summarize your variables, and conduct classic statistical tests, such as t-tests
  • Expand and customize R ? get the lowdown on how to find, install, and make the most of add-on packages created by the global R community for a wide variety of purposes
  • Open the book and find:
  • Help downloading, installing, and configuring R
  • Tips for getting data in and out of R
  • Ways to use data frames and lists to organize data
  • How to manipulate and process data
  • Advice on fitting regression models and ANOVA
  • Helpful hints for working with graphics
  • How to code in R
  • What R mailing lists and forums can do for you

Introduction 1

Part I: R You Ready? 7

Chapter 1: Introducing R: The Big Picture 9

Chapter 2: Exploring R 15

Chapter 3: The Fundamentals of R 31

Part II: Getting Down to Work in R 43

Chapter 4: Getting Started with Arithmetic 45

Chapter 5: Getting Started with Reading and Writing 71

Chapter 6: Going on a Date with R 93

Chapter 7: Working in More Dimensions 103

Part III: Coding in R 137

Chapter 8: Putting the Fun in Functions 139

Chapter 9: Controlling the Logical Flow 159

Chapter 10: Debugging Your Code 179

Chapter 11: Getting Help 193

Part IV: Making the Data Talk 203

Chapter 12: Getting Data into and out of R 205

Chapter 13: Manipulating and Processing Data 219

Chapter 14: Summarizing Data 253

Chapter 15: Testing Differences and Relations 275

Part V: Working with Graphics 299

Chapter 16: Using Base Graphics 301

Chapter 17: Creating Faceted Graphics with Lattice 317

Chapter 18: Looking At ggplot2 Graphics 333

Part VI: The Part of Tens 347

Chapter 19: Ten Things You Can Do in R That You Would've Done in Microsoft Excel 349

Chapter 20: Ten Tips on Working with Packages 359

Appendix: Installing R and RStudio 365

Index 371

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