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RF MEMS: Theory, Design, and Technology



RF MEMS: Theory, Design, and Technology

Gabriel M. Rebeiz

ISBN: 978-0-471-46288-0 February 2004 512 Pages


Ultrasmall Radio Frequency and Micro-wave Microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMs), such as switches, varactors, and phase shifters, exhibit nearly zero power consumption or loss. For this reason, they are being developed intensively by corporations worldwide for use in telecommunications equipment. This book acquaints readers with the basics of RF MEMs and describes how to design practical circuits and devices with them. The author, an acknowledged expert in the field, presents a range of real-world applications and shares many valuable tricks of the trade.

Chapter 1- Introduction: RF MEMS for Microwave Applications.

Chapter 2- Mechanical Modeling of MEMS Devices: Static Analysis.

Chapter 3- Mechanical Modeling of MEMS Devices: Dynamic Analysis.

Chapter 4- Electromagnetic Modeling of MEMS Switches.

Chapter 5- MEMS Switch Library.

Chapter 6-MEMS Switch Fabrication and Packaging.

Chapter 7-MEMS Switch Reliability and Power Handling.

Chapter 8- Design of MEMS Switch Circuits.

Chapter 9-MEMS Phase Shifters.

Chapter 10- Distributed MEMS Phase Shifters and Switches.

Chapter 11- MEMS Varactors and Tunable Oscillators.

Chapter 12- Micro machined Inductors.

Chapter 13- Reconfigurable MEMS Networks, Filters, Antennas, and Subsystem.

Chapter 14- Phase Noise Analysis of MEMS Circuits, Phase Shifters, and Oscillators.

Chapter 15- Future Work in RF MEMS.

Appendix A: Detailed Analysis and Measurements of  Intermodulation Distortion and Power Handling in RF MEMS Switches, Varactors, and Tunable Filters.

Appendix B: Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal Properties of RF MEMS Materials.


" excellent book for graduate students or practicing engineers in the field of RF microwave technology who need to learn about the latest developments in the RF MEMS world." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, November/December 2004)

"It provides the most comprehensive survey of this new and important technology.” (Microwave Journal, January 2004)

" invaluable addition to the research library, and highly recommended to all interested in this fascinating technology." (Microwaves & RF, June 2003)