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RFID Applied

RFID Applied

Jerry Banks , Manuel A. Pachano , Les G. Thompson , David Hanny

ISBN: 978-0-471-79365-6

Mar 2007

528 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Radio frequency identification or RFID is a broad-based technology that impacts business and society.  With the rapid expansion of the use of this technology in everything from consumer purchases to security ID tags, to tracking bird migration, there is very little information available in book form that targets the widest range of the potential market. But this book is different!  Where most of the books available cover specific technical underpinnings of RFID or specific segments of the market, this co-authored book by both academic and industry professionals, provides a broad background on the technology and the various applications of RFID around the world.  Coverage is mainly non-technical, more business related for the broadest user base, however there are sections that step into the technical aspects for advanced, more technical readers.

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Part A RFID Applied.

Chapter 1 The Stage Is Set.

Chapter 2 Past, Present, and Future of RFID.

Chapter 3 Basics of RFID.

Chapter 4 Beyond the Basics.

Chapter 5 Recent Advances in the Technology.

Chapter 6 The Business Case for RFID.

Chapter 7 Industry Standards.

Chapter 8 System Components.

Chapter 9 Integration.

Chapter 10 The Issues of Privacy and Security.


Part B Applications in 10 Areas.

RFID in the Automotive Industry.

RFID in Cattle Ranching.

RFID in Health Care.

RFID in Manufacturing.

RFID in Marine Terminal Operation.

RFID in the Military.

RFID in Payment Transactions.

RFID in Retailing.

RFID in Transportation.

RFID in Warehousing and Distribution Systems.

Part C RFID Activities in 10 Countries.

RFID in Australia.

RFID in China.

RFID in France.

RFID in Germany.

RFID in Japan.

RFID in Singapore.

RFID in South Korea.

RFID in Spain.

RFID in the United Kingdom.

RFID in the United States.

Appendix A 10 Unique Applications.

Appendix B 10 Useful Web Sites.