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RNA and DNA Editing: Molecular Mechanisms and Their Integration into Biological Systems

RNA and DNA Editing: Molecular Mechanisms and Their Integration into Biological Systems

Harold C. Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-10991-5 February 2008 456 Pages


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RNA and DNA Editing assembles a team of leading experts who present the latest discoveries in the field alongside the latest models and methodology. In addition, the authors set forth the many open questions and suggest routes for further investigation. Overall, the book serves as a practical guide for professionals in the field who need to understand the interrelationship of RNA and DNA editing with other chemical and biological processes.



Part I: Diversification of the Proteome through RNA and DNA Editing.

Chapter 1. Diversifying Exon Code Through A-To-I RNA Editing.

Chapter 2. Antibody Gene Diversification by Aid-Catalyzed DNA Editing.

Chapter 3. Protein-Protein and RNA-Protein Interactions in U-Insertion/Deletion RNA Editing Complexes.

Chapter 4. Machinery of RNA editing in Plant Organelles.

Part II: Functional Coordination of RNA Editing With Other Cellular Mechanisms.

Chapter 5. Transfer RNA Editing Enzymes: At the Crossroads of Affinity and Specificity.

Chapter 6. A-To-I Editing as a Co-Transcriptional RNA Processing Event.

Chapter 7. Studying and Working with Ribonucleoproteins that Catalyze H/ACA Guided RNA Modification.

Chapter 8. Functional Roles of Spliceosomal SNRNA Modifications in Pre-mRNA Splicing.

Chapter 9. A Role for A-To-I Editing in Gene Silencing.

Chapter 10. biological Implications and Broader-Range Functions For Apobec-1 and Apobec-1 Complementation Factors (ACF)

Chapter 11. Antiviral Function of APOEC3 Cytidine Deaminases.

Part III: Predictive Structures.

Chapter 12. A-To-I Editing of ALU Repeats.

Chapter 13. RNA Editing in Dinoflagellates and Implications for the Evolutionary History of the Editing Machinery.

Part IV: Structural Approaches.

Chapter 14. The Box C/D RNPs: Evolutionarily Ancient Nucleotide Modification Complexes.

Chapter 15. Structural Features of the Adar Family of Enzymes and Their Substrates.

Chapter 16. Chemistry, Phylogeny, and three-Dimensional Structure of the Apobec Protein Family.


""This volume is a very good compilation of the state of the art in RNA and DNA editing, and will be useful and fascinating reading for both researchers in the field and anyone with an interest in joining it."" (The Quarterly Review of Biology, June 2009)