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RSMeans Plumbing Estimating Methods, 3rd Edition



RSMeans Plumbing Estimating Methods, 3rd Edition

Joseph J. Galeno, Sheldon T. Greene

ISBN: 978-0-876-29704-9 December 2003 400 Pages


Now in its third edition, this estimating guide offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of plumbing:
  • Residential, commercial, industrial, and medical systems
  • The most common plumbing materials and methods, subsystems and components
  • Pricing quantities for an estimate and calculating markup
  • Preparing bids
  • Best techniques for using Means Plumbing Cost Data
  • Sample takeoff and estimate forms

Includes special sections on change order analysis, estimating for additions, and alterations to existing systems. Also covers budget and assemblies estimating.

A complete sample estimate shows you how to perform each step in the estimating process, making it easy to follow the authors’ methods.


About the Authors.


Part I. The Plumbing System.

Chapter 1. Basic Materials and Methods.

Pipe and Pie Fittings for Interior Plumbing.

Pipe and Pipe Fittings—Site (Outside).

Tube and Tube Fittings.

Vlaves and Control devices.

Pipe Support Systems.

Pipe Insulation.

Painting and Identification.


Concrete Pads and Vibration Isolation.

Excavation and Backfill.

Tests and Adjustments.

Chapter 2. Plumbing Subsystems and Components.

Plumbing Fixtures and Trim.

Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems.

Sanitary Waste and Vent Systems.

Storm Drainage Systems.

Fire Protection Systems.

Special Piping Systems.

Plumbing Site Work Systems.

Part II. Plumbing Estimating.

Chapter 3. Preparing for the Estimate.

Estimating Tools.

Takeoff Forms (Quantity Sheets).

Estimate Forms.

Summary Sheet.

Plumbing Codes.

Vendor Catalogs.

Trade Price Sheets.

Working Areas.

Chapter 4. The Takeoff.

Reading and Digesting Specifications.

Becoming familiar with the Drawings.

Taking Off Quantities from drawings.

Sample Job.

Chapter 5. Writing Up and Pricing the Estimate.

Writing Up the Estimate.

The Art of Pricing.

Material Pricing and Discounts.

Composition of the Labor-Hour.

Pricing the Sample Takeoff.

Chapter 6. Marking Up and Completing the Estimate.

Breakdown for Markup.


Completing the Sample Estimate.

Submitting the Estimate.

Chapter 7. Other Plumbing Estimates.

Change Order Analysis.

Estimating Additions and Alterations.

Budget Estimating.

Computerized Estimating Systems.

Chapter 8. Using Means Plumbing Cost Data.

Four Levels of Estimates.

Data Format.

Unit Price Costs.

Means Order of Magnitude and Square Foot Cost Data.

Assemblies Cost tables.

Estimating References.

Square Foot and Systems estimating Examples.

Project Description.

Square Foot Estimating Example.

Systems Estimating Example.

The Estimate Summary.

Chapter 9. Unit Price estimating Example.

Project Description.

Getting Started.


Fire Protection.

Summarizing the Unit Price Estimate.


Appendix A. Standard Plumbing Fixture Symbols.

Appendix B. Labor Hour Production tables.

Appendix C. Wage rate Information and Adjustment facts.

Appendix D. Codes and Standards.

Appendix E. Abbreviations.