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Race and Sexuality



Race and Sexuality

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Brandon Andrew Robinson, Cristina Khan

ISBN: 978-1-509-51383-3 June 2018 Polity 200 Pages

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The connections between race and sexuality are constant in our lives, yet they are not often linked together in productive, analytical ways.

This illuminating book delves into the interrelation of race and sexuality as inseparable elements of our identities and social lives. The authors approach the topic through an interdisciplinary lens, focusing on power, social arrangements and hierarchies, and the production of social difference. Their analysis maps the historical, discursive, and structural manifestations of race and sexuality, noting the everyday effects that the intersections of these categories have on people’s lived experiences. Considering both US-based and transnational cases, this book presents an empirical grounding for understanding how race and sexuality are mutually constitutive categories.

Providing a comprehensive overview of racialized sexualities, this book is an essential text for any advanced course on race, sexuality, and intersectionality.




Chapter 1: Two Systems Operating Synchronously

Chapter 2: Race and Sexualities in Everyday Life

Spolight 2.1 Racialized Sexualities and the "Down Low"


Chapter 3: Racialized Sexualization in Transnational Human Rights

Spotlight 3.1 Contradictions and Advancements in Colombia: Some Context

Chapter 4: Racing Sex Work

Spotlight 4.1 Racialized Embodiments, Differential Treatment

Chapter 5: Sexualizing Immigration

Spotlight 5.1 - Clare Sears’ Arresting Dress: Stereotypes

Influencing Policy

Conclusion: Racialized Sexualities - On Experience, Policy, and Scholarship



"Race and Sexuality shows how the connections between these forms of difference emerge in the stereotypes that inform how one group thinks of another, in political agendas that foster inequalities, in media representations of domestic minorities and transnational migrants, and in the justifications of contemporary wars. In doing so, the book posits the still novel idea that to study the intersections of race and sexuality is nothing less than a confrontation with everyday life."
Roderick Ferguson, University of Illinois at Chicago

"This book is a wonderful primer on the intersections of race and sexuality. Accessible and lucid, it leads uninitiated and sophisticated students through the complexities of racialized sexualities, addressing timely issues and concerns across the global North and global South."
Jyoti Puri, Simmons College, Boston

"[The] challenge of thinking through the efficiency of available concepts to comprehensively engage with individuals' and groups' shifting social positionings is the major contribution of Race and Sexuality."
The Sociological Review

“The book should be commended for its substantial contributions and spirited engagement making visible inequalities which might otherwise have remained under the radar.”
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Ethnic and Racial Studies