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Radar Meteorology: A First Course

Radar Meteorology: A First Course

Robert M. Rauber, Stephen W. Nesbitt

ISBN: 978-1-119-08597-3

Apr 2018

400 pages


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Radar Meteorology: A First Course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the technology and application of radar in 21st century meteorology and atmospheric sciences.  The book, designed to accompany university courses in radar meteorology, will have three distinct parts.  In the first part, the reader will be introduced to electromagnetic wave propagation and radar design considerations.  This part will then develop the techniques used to retrieve the key quantities central to radar meteorology: the effective radar reflectivity factor, the Doppler radial velocity and spectral width, and polarization variables.  The second part will focus on operational meteorological applications, including data quality control, precipitation estimation and hydrometeorological applications, warm season mid-latitude severe weather, cold season hazardous weather, and tropical cyclones.  The third part of the book will focus on research applications, including research radars, spaceborne and ground-based vertically pointing systems, and cloud, airborne, and mobile radars.



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Ch 1 Properties of Electromagnetic Waves

Ch 2 Radar Hardware

Ch 3 Radar Characteristics

Ch 4 The Path of a radar ray

Ch 5 Power and the Radar Reflectivity Factor

Ch 6 Radial Velocity –The Doppler Effect

Ch 7 Dual Polarization Radar

Ch 8 Clean air Echoes

Ch 9 Propagation Effects : Attenuation and Refractivity

Ch 10 Operational Radar Networks

Ch 11 Doppler Velocity Patterns and Single Radar Wind Retrieval

Ch 12 Multiple Doppler wind Retreival

Ch 13 Precipitation Esitmation With Radar

Ch 14 Warm Season Convection

Ch 15 Extratropical Cyclones

Ch 16 Tropical Cyclones

Ch 17 Clouds and Vertical Motions