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Radiation Belts: Models and Standards

Radiation Belts: Models and Standards

J. Lemaire (Editor), D. Heynderickx (Editor), D. N. Baker (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66426-1 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 322 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 97.

The exciting new results of CRRES and SAMPEX show that there are additional physical sources of energetic electrons and ions trapped in the Van Allen belts, some of which were completely unexpected.
The NASA and Russian empirical models of the radiation belts need to be updated and extended. To outline different ways to achieve this task and to identify the less well known aspects of physical and empirical models of the radiation belts were the objectives of a workshop held in Brussels, October 17-20, 1995, entitled "Radiation Belts: Models and Standards." It was attended by over 60 delegates from all major laboratories involved in developing new physical as well as empirical models of the energy and spatial distributions of energetic electrons and ions trapped in the geomagnetic field.

J. F. Lemaire and M.L Panasyuk xi

J. G. Roederer xiii

Theoretical Radiation Belt Models

Source and Loss Processes for Radiation Belt Particles
M. Walt 1

ProcessesA cting Upon Outer Zone Electrons
C. E. Mcllwain 15

Dynamic Physical Modelling of Trapped Particles for Satellite Survey
S. Bourdarie, D. Boscher, and T. Beutier 27

Anomalous Cosmic Rays: The Principal Source of High Energy Heavy Ions in the Radiation Belts
R. A. Mewaldt, R. S. Selesnicka, and, J. R. Cummings 35

Formation of the Radiation Belts by Anomalous Cosmic Rays and Similar Phenomena
A. V. Dmitriev, V. D. Ilyin, S. N. Kuznetsov, and B. Yu. Yushkov 43

Jovian, Solar, and Other Possible Sources of Radiation Belt Particles
D. N. Baker, S. G. Kanekal, M.D. Looper, J. B. Blake, and R.A. Mewaldt 49

MHD/Particle Simulations of Radiation Belt Formation During a Storm Sudden Commencement
M. K. Hudson, S. R. Elkington, J. G. Lyon, V. A. Marchenko, L Roth, M. Ternerin,and M. S. Gussenhoven 57

Cross Field Entry of High Charge State Energetic Heavy Ions Into the Earth's Magnetosphere
W. N. Spjeldvik 63

CRRES Observations and Radial Diffusion Theory of Radiation Belt Protons
J. M. Albert 69

Dynamic Models of the Energetic Ions in the Earth's Radiation Belts
V. F. Bashkirov 73

Physical Radiation Belt Models: Report of Discussion Group A
T. Beutier 77

Empirical Radiation Belt Models

Recent Development in the NASA Trapped Radiation Models
S. F. Fung 79

Phillips Laboratory Space Physics Division Radiation Models
M. S. Gussenhoven, E. .G. Mullen, and D. H. Brautigam 93

A New Empirical Electron Model
D. J. Rodgers 103

Low Altitude Trapped Radiation Model Using TIROS/NOAA Data
S. L. Huston, G. A. Kuck; and K. A. Pfitzer 119

Modelling He and H Isotopes in the Radiation Belts
R. S. Selesnick and R. A. Mewaldt 123

Electrons With Energy Exceeding 10 MeV in the Earth's Radiation Belt
A. M. Galper, V. V. Dmitrenko,V . M. Gratchev,Y u.V.E fremova,V . G. Kirillov-UgryumovS, . V. Koldashov, L. V. Maslennikov, V. V. Mikhailov, Yu. V. Ozerov, A. V. Popov, N. I. Shvets, S. E. Ulin, and S. A. Voronov 129

Low Altitude Models of Radiation Belts Based on Data From Russian Satellites
Yu. V. Mineev and E. D. Tolstaya 135

Comparison Between NASA and INP/MSU Radiation Belt Models
A. A. Beliaev and J. F. Lemaire 141

Empirical Radiation Belt Models: Report of Discussion Group B
D. J. Rodgers 147

Coordinates and Indices

Introduction to Trapped Particle Flux Mapping
J. G. Roederer 149

Canonical Coordinates for Radiation-Belt Modeling
M. Schulz 153

Magnetic Field Models in the Inner Magnetosphere
T. L Pulkkinen 161

A Quantitative Test of Different Magnetic Field Models Using Conjunctions Between DMSP and
Geosynchronous Orbit
G. D. Reeves, L. A. Weiss, M. F. Thomsen, and D. J. McComas 167

A New Tool for Calculating Drift Shell Averaged Atmospheric Density
D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski, J .F . Lemaire,a nd E. J. Daly 173

Radiation Conditions Modelling at the Geostationary Orbit
G. V. Popov, V. I. Degtjarev, and S.S. Sheshukov 179

Dynamics of Energetic Electrons in the Radiation Belts
L. V. Tverskaya 183

Field Modeling Methods for the Inner Magnetosphere
D. P. Stern 189

Use of (B, L) Coordinates in Radiation Dose Models
M. Kruglanski 195

Coordinates and Indices: Report of Discussion Group C
D. Heynderickx 201

First Resultsa nd Perspectiveso f Monitoring Radiation Belts
M. I. Panasyuk, E. N. Sosnovets, O. S. Grafodatsky, V. Verkhoturov, and Sh. N. Islyaev 211

Current and Future Data Available in Japan
T. Kohno 217

UARS PEM Contribution to Radiation Belt Modelling
J. R. Sharber, J. D. Winningham, R. Link, R. A. Frahm, D. L. Chenette, and E. E. Gaines 223

Radiation Belt Observations From CREAM and CREDO
C. Dyer, A. Sims, and C. Underwood 229

Los A!amos Geosynchronous Space Weather Data for Radiation Belt Modeling
G. D. Reeves,R . D. Belian, T. C. Cayton,M . G. Henderson,R . A. ChristensenP, .S. McLachlan,
and J. C. Ingraham 237

Outer Zone Relativistic Electron Flux Variations Observed by SAMPEX During Nov. 1-8, 1993
X. Li, D. N. Baker, M. Temerin, J. B. Blake, and S. G. Kanekal 241

ISEE Measurements for Radiation Belt Modeling
R. H. J. Friedel, E. Keppler, G. Loidl, and A. Korth 247

Measurement of Radiation Belt Particles With ETS-6 Onboard Dosimeter
T. Goka, H. Matsumoto, T. Fukuda, and S. Takagi 251

Global Distributions of Trapped He Fluxes From OHZORA Satellite During the Geomagnetically
Quiet Period of 1984-1987
N. Hasebe, A . Ryowa, M . Kobayashi,  J. Hamada, Y. Mishima, K. Nagata, K . Kohno, J. Kikuchi, and T. Doke 255

Energetic Particle Data Archived at IEP SAS
K. Kudela and M. Slivka 259

Monitoring of the Radiation Belts With the Radiation Environment Monitor REM
P. Biihler, L. Desorgher, A. Zehnder, L. Adams, and E. Daly 265

Some Characteristics of Hot Magnetospheric Plasma at Geostationary Orbit
T. A. Ivanova, Yu.V . Kutuzov, B. V. Marjin, N. N. Pavlov, I. A. Rubinshtein, E. N. Sosnovets, M. B. Teltsov, L. V. Tverskaya, and N. A. Vlasova 269

Internal Charging in the Outer Zone and Operational Anomalies
G. L. Wrenn and A. J. Sims 275

Missionsa nd Data Acquisition' Report of DiscussionG roup D
R. Friedel 279

Computer Models and Tools

Global Imaging by Energetic Neutral Particles
T. Beutier, J.-A. Sauvaud, D. Boscher, and S. Bourdarie 281

Global Imaging and Radio Remote Sensing of the Magnetosphere
S. F. Fung and J. L. Green 285

ESA Update of AE-8 Using CRRES Data and a Neural Network
A. L. Varnpola 297

The Trapped Radiation Software Package UNIRAD
D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski, J. Lemaire, E . J. Daly, and H. D. R. Evans 305

EnviroNET Space Environment Information via the WWW: A Computer Based Demonstration
P. J. Messore and M. Lauriente 311

Radiation Belt Models for the PC: RADMODLS
A. L. Vampola 315