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Radiology at a Glance



Radiology at a Glance

Rajat Chowdhury, Iain Wilson, Christopher Rofe, Graham Lloyd-Jones

ISBN: 978-1-118-69108-3 July 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 120 Pages

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Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, and in full-colour, this brand new title provides an accessible introduction and revision aid for medical students and students of radiography and physiotherapy. Reflecting changes to the content and assessment methods used in medical education, Radiology at a Glance provides a user-friendly overview of radiology to encapsulate all that the student needs to know.

Radiology at a Glance:

  • Addresses the basic concepts of radiation physics and radiation protection together with a structured approach to image interpretation
  • Offers coverage of the radiology of plain X-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, MRI, intervention, and nuclear medicine
  • Presents both theory and clinical practice through theoretical and case-based chapters
  • Features common and classic cases in each chapter
  • Includes OSCE preparation and self-assessment chapters with self-test radiographs
  • Provides easy access tables to help assess which radiological procedures are most appropriate for specific clinical problems
  • Allows for quick, easy access and reference whilst on the wards
  • Reflects the rapidly evolving impact of interventional radiology in managing patients
  • Includes a Foreword by the President of the Royal College of Radiologists

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Preface and Acknowledgements.

Abbreviations and Terminology.

Part 1 Radiology physics.

1 Plain X-ray (XR) imaging.

2 Fluoroscopy.

3 Ultrasound (US).

4 Computed tomography (CT).

5 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Part 2 Radiology principles.

6 Radiation protection and contrast agent precautions.

7 Making a radiology referral.

8 Which investigation: classic cases.

Part 3 Plain XR imaging.

9 CXR checklist and approach.

10 CXR anatomy.

11 CXR classic cases I.

12 CXR classic cases II.

13 CXR classic cases III.

14 CXR classic cases IV.

15 AXR checklist and approach.

16 AXR anatomy.

17 AXR classic cases I.

18 AXR classic cases II.

19 Extremity XR checklist and approach.

20 Extremity XR anatomy I: upper limb.

21 Extremity XR anatomy II: pelvis and lower limb.

22 Upper limb XR classic cases I: shoulder and elbow.

23 Upper limb XR classic cases II: forearm, wrist and hand.

24 Hip and pelvis XR classic cases.

25 Lower limb XR classic cases: knee, ankle and foot.

26 Face XR anatomy and classic cases.

Part 4 Fluoroscopic imaging.

27 Fluoroscopy checklist and approach.

28 Fluoroscopy classic cases.

Part 5 Ultrasound imaging.

29 US checklist and approach.

30 US classic cases.

Part 6 CT imaging.

31 CT checklist and approach.

32 Chest CT anatomy.

33 Chest CT classic cases I.

34 Chest CT classic cases II.

35 Abdominal CT anatomy.

36 Abdominal CT classic cases I.

37 Abdominal CT classic cases II.

38 Head CT anatomy.

39 Head CT classic cases.

Part 7 Specialised imaging and MRI.

40 IVU and CT KUB.

41 CT and MR angiography.

42 MRI checklist and approach.

43 Head MR classic cases.

44 Cervical spine imaging anatomy and approach.

45 Cervical spine imaging classic cases.

46 Spine MR classic cases.

Part 8 Interventional radiology.

47 Principles of interventional radiology.

48 Interventional radiology classic cases.

Part 9 Nuclear medicine.

49 Principles of nuclear medicine.

50 Nuclear medicine classic cases.

Part 10 Self assessment.

Radiology OSCE, case studies and questions.



"I would love to have had this book when I started my clinical years at medical school. It explains basic physics and imaging concepts well and is a good revision aid. I particularly like the relevant example cases and the self-test section. I would highly recommend this book to medical students in their clinical years." (Dr Sian Loe, Foundation Year Doctor, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford)

"In summary, this text-book provides a low-cost and accessible guide to the radiology department that will be a vauable asset to medical students and doctors in training". (RAD Magazine, 1 January 2011)

"But all in all, this is a good introduction to radiology and suitable for the target audience. The book is also well to date in a field in rapid development." (Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, 18 November 2010)

"Radiology at a Glance" is a user friendly revision text for medical students and students of radiography as well as of physiotherapy. The text and illustrations are of a sufficiently high standard to appeal to postgraduates studying for higher examinations and to practicing physicians. Particularly informative are the sections on classic cases in each chapter. There is a helpful chapter describing which radiological procedures are most appropriate for specific clinical problems. The chapter on nuclear medicine and the one on interventional radiology are particularly informative." (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, October 2010)