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Radiowaves and Polaritons in Anisotropic Media: Uniaxial Semiconductors

Radiowaves and Polaritons in Anisotropic Media: Uniaxial Semiconductors

Roland H. Tarkhanyan, Nikolaos K. Uzunoglu

ISBN: 978-3-527-60812-6 June 2006 224 Pages


Divided into four main sections, this monograph presents the theory of propagation and excitation of volume and surface electromagnetic waves in anisotropic polar and nonpolar conducting crystals, together with the effects of external magnetic and strong electric fields. It also investigates the spectrum of bulk, as well as surface phonon-plasmon polaritons in uniaxial semiconductors, and electromagnetic instabilities leading to the generation and amplification of radiowaves. Additional topics include total transmission, magnon-plasmon polaritons, and the influence of hot 2D carriers.
This unparalleled systematic treatment includes novel research on special topics in the field, such as the peculiarities of the polaritons in anisotropic semiconductors in the presence of mobile charge carriers.
Part 1 Volume Electromagnetic Waves in Anisotropic Crystals with Electronic Plasma (Roland H. Tarkhanyan)

1 Influence of the Anisotropy on the Spectrum and Propagation of Electromagnetic,Plasma and Lattice Optical Vibrations
2 Bulk Polaritons in Uniaxial Polar Semiconductors
3 Radio Waves and Polaritons in the Presence of an External Static Magnetic Field
4 Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves From the Surface of Uniaxial Semiconductors

Part 2 Surface and Interface Electromagnetic Waves in Semiconductor Structures (Roland H. Tarkhanyan)

5 Surface Polaritons in Uniaxial Semiconductors
6 Surface Waves in a Uniaxial Semiconductor Slab
7 Interface Magnon-Plasmon Polaritons and
Total Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves Through a Semiconductor/Antiferromagnet Layered Structure
8 Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves on a Lateral Surface of a Ferrite/Semiconductor Superlattice at Quantum Hall Effect Conditions

Part 3 Electromagnetic Instabilities in Uniaxial Semiconductors with Hot Carriers (Roland H. Tarkhanyan)

9 Excitation and Amplification of the Bulk Electromagnetic Waves
10 Instabilities of Surface Electromagnetic Waves and Excitation of Guided Charge Density Waves in Semiconductor Heterostructures

Part 4 Radiation of a Dipole Source in the Presence of a Grounded Gyromagnetic Dielectric Medium (Nikolaos K. Uzunoglu)
11 Radiation of a Dipole in the Presence of a Grounded Gyromagnetic Slab