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Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications

Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications

M. S. Amer

ISBN: 978-0-470-47599-7 November 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


Presents the fundamentals of Raman spectroscopy to scientists working in soft materials

Filling the need for a title devoted especially to Raman spectroscopy for this important class of materials, Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications assembles a group of global authorities from various institutions to discuss their areas of expertise. In so doing, this book provides an accessible guide for scientists working in the broad field of soft matter.

Organized into three separate sections, Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications covers:

  • An overview of soft matter and Raman theory

  • Raman applications for polymers, including films, fibers, composites and nanocomposites, emulsions, liquid crystals, foams, and food

  • Raman spectroscopy applications in medicine, focusing on Raman capabilities in bone imaging and its ability to investigate cancer in soft tissue

In each chapter, specifics of Raman theory and instrumentation are discussed as they relate to the chapter's subject. With contributions by experts from several countries, the book offers a truly global set of scientific views on these applications. Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications offers an ideal guide for graduate students and professionals who work with or want to explore Raman spectroscopy in the wide field of soft matter.



Chapter 1: Introduction & Overview (Maher S. Amer).

Chapter 2: Raman Scattering Theory and Elements of Raman Instrumentation (Philippe Colomban, and Gwénaël Gouadec).


Chapter 3: Raman Applications in Polymer Films for Real-time Characterization (Giriprasath Gururajan and Amod A. Ogale).

Chapter 4: Raman Applications in Synthetic and Natural Polymer Fibers and Their Composites (Robert Young and Steve Eichhorn).

Chapter 5: Raman Application in Emulsion Polymerization Systems (Oihana Elizalde and Jose Ramon Leiza).

Chapter 6: Raman Applications in Liquid Crystals (Naoki Hayashi).

Chapter 7.Raman Applications in Foams (Maher S. Amer).

Chapter 8: Raman Applications in Food Analysis (Nanna Viereck, Tina Salomonsen, Frans van den Berg, and Søren Balling Engelsen).


Chapter 9: Raman Applications in Bone Imaging (S. Gamsjäger, M. Kazanci, E.P. Paschalis, and P. Fratzl).

Chapter 10: Raman Applications in Cancer Studies (Young-Kun Min, Satoru Naito, Hiroya Yamazaki, Ehiichi Kohda, and Hiro-o Hamaguchi).