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Rapid and Virtual Prototyping and Applications

Rapid and Virtual Prototyping and Applications

C. E. Bocking, Allan Rennie, David Jacobson

ISBN: 978-1-860-58411-4 September 2003 330 Pages


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Drawing from cutting edge research this interesting text is a comprehensive insight into the very latest developments in advanced manufacturing technologies. The papers, which are from a conference organised by Lancaster University have been reviewed by a panel of recognized academic experts from a number of universities.


  • Design and manufacture of drilling guides for osseointegrated implants using rapid prototyping techniques
  • A study of build accuracy of the Z-corps three-dimensional printing technique and related seepage control
  • Rapid tools for injection moulding
  • Direct laser sintering of ceramics
  • Fabrication of EDM electrodes using rapid prototyping techniques
  • CNC as a rapid prototyping method – a company perspective
  • The useful application of rapid technologies especially for automotive development
  • Virtual prototyping brings ‘revolution’ to a small engineering business

Rapid and virtual prototyping are fundamental tools in the design, development and manufacturing of a divergency of products. This important volume is vital reading for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with the developments in this key area of manufacturing. It is also enlightening reading for researchers and new users of these technologies.