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Rare Metal Technology 2014

Rare Metal Technology 2014

Neale R. Neelameggham (Editor), Shafiq Alam (Editor), Harald Oosterhof (Editor), Animesh Jha (Editor), Shijie Wang (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-88855-1

Feb 2014

232 pages


This collection presents the papers presented in the symposium on extraction of rare metals as well as rare extraction processing techniques used in metal production. Paper topics include the extraction and processing of elements like antimony, arsenic, calcium, chromium, hafnium, gold, indium, lithium, molybdenum, niobium, rare earth metals, rhenium, scandium, selenium, silver, strontium, tantalum, tellurium, tin, tungsten, vanadium, and zirconium. Rare processing techniques presented include bio leaching, molecular recognition technology, recovery of valuable components of commodity metals such as magnesium from laterite process wastes, titanium from ilmenites, and rare metals from wastes such as phosphors and LCD monitors.

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Metalloids and Rare Extraction Process

Adsorptive Recovery of Antimony (III, V) Using Metal-loaded Orange Juice Residue 3
K. Inoue, J. Inoue, and S. Alam

The Synthesis and Stability of Yukonite: Implications in Solid Arsenical Waste Storage 9
M. Bohan, J. Mahoney, and G. Demopoulos

The Evolving Copper-Tellurium Byproduct System: A Review of Changing Production Techniques & Their Implications 11
M. Bustamante and G. Gaustad

Conversion of Strontium Sulfate to Strontium Oxalate in Solutions Containing Ammonium Oxalate as a Reactant 17
M. Zoraga, C. Kahruman, and I. Yusufoglu

Electrodeposition of Zinc from Zinc Oxide Using Urea and Choline Chloride Mixture: Effect of (BMIM)HSO4, Temperature, Voltage on Current Efficiency, Energy Consumption, and Surface Morphology 21
H. Yang and R. Reddy

Effect of Physical Parameters on the Stirred Separation Process in Rare Earth Extraction System 27
S. Wang, Z. Zhang, T. Zhang, Q. Zhao, Y. Liu, C. Lv, and D. Zhang

Slurry Electrolysis of As-Rich Antimonic Gold Concentrate Ores 31
C. Wang, Y. Chen, Y. Yang, Y. Zhang, and B. Ma

Indium, Moly, and Tungsten Metallurgy

Recovery of Rare Metal Indium (In) from Discarded LCD Monitors 39
P. Choubey, M. Jha, D. Gupta, J. Jeong, and J. Lee

Thermodynamics of Indium Dissolution Behavior in FeO-bearing Metallurgical Slag 43
Y. Han and J. Park

The Separation of Tungsten and Molybdenum by Ion Exchange Resins 47
G. Huo, C. Peng, and C. Liao

Removal of Na from the Ammonium Tungstate Solution by Na1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3 53
X. Chen, X. Liu, J. Li, and Z. Zhao

Removal of Sn from the Tungstate Solution by Nascent Hydrous Ferric Oxide 57
Z. Zhao, X. Chen, X. Liu, and J. Li

Pressure Water Leaching Molybdenum and Nickel from Mo-Ni Ore of Black Shale without Reagent 61
Z. Deng, C. Wei, C. Li, X. Li, and M. Li

Calcium and Rare Earth Metallurgy

Calcium Reductants – A Historical Review 67
N. Neelameggham, R. Brown, and B. Davis

Research on the Electrochemical Behavior of CaO in CaCl2-CaF2 System in Preparation of Al-Ca Alloys by Fused Salt Electrolysis 77
J. Li, W. Cao, M. Zhang, and Y. Wang

Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (REMs) from Primary and Secondary Resources: A Review 81
V. Kumar, M. Jha, A. Kumari, R. Panda, J. Kumar, and J. Lee

Mutual Separation of Rare Earths Using Chemically Modified Chitosan Immobilized with Functional Groups of Chelating Agents 89
K. Inoue and S. Alam

Electrochemistry for Nd Electrowinning from Fluoride-oxide Molten Salts 95
B. Li, S. Liu, H. Wang, and Z. Zhao

Recovery of Rare Earth Metals from Wasted Magnet 99
T. Nagai and T. Uzawa

Environment-Friendly Recycling Process for Rare Earth Metals in End-of-Life Electric Products 103
T. Saeki, T. Akahori, Y. Miyamoto, M. Kyoi, M. Okamoto, T. Okabe, Y. Hiroshige, and T. Nemoto

Assessment of Environmental Impact of Rare Earth Metals Recycling from Used Magnets 107
T. Akahori, Y. Hiroshige, M. Motoshita, H. Hatayama, and K. Tahara

Titanium, Lithium, Yttrium, and Zirconium

A Clean Titanium Sponge Production Process and New Method for the Recycling of Magnesium and Chlorine 115
L. Niu, A. Zhou, T. Zhang, W. Wang, G. Lv, and X. Jiang

Chemical Characterization of Transition Metal (Nb, V, Zr) Impurities in Rutile 121
T. Makanyire and A. Jha

Pre-oxidation and Hydrogen Reduction of Panzhihua Ilmenite Concentrate 127
W. Xiao, X. Lu, W. Ding, C. Li, and X. Zou

Thermodynamic Properties of Different Titanium Ions in Fused LiCl-KCl Eutectic 133
J. Song, Q. Wang, X. Zhu, J. Hou, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Silicon-thermic Reduction of Complex Lithium Aluminate under Vacuum 139
Y. Di, X. Pan, J. Peng, Y. Wang, and N. Feng

Extraction of Yttrium from Ferruginous Sandstone, Southwestern Sinai, Egypt 143
O. El Hussaini, H. Saalman, and M. Mahmoud

Sublimation Kinetics of Zirconium Tetrachloride (ZrCl4) for Producing Zr Sponge 149
J. Shin, M. Choi, D. Min, and J. Park

Rhenium, Tin, Vanadium and SX Processing

Electrochemical Dissolution of Rhenium Bearing Super Alloys 157
J. Hiskey and J. Snowberger III

Sodium Stannate Preparation from Cassiterite Concentrate and Sodium Carbonate by Roasting under a CO/CO2 Atmosphere 163
Y. Zhang, Z. Su, Z. You, B. Liu, G. Yang, G. Li, and T. Jiang

Thermodynamics of Carbon in Fe-V-Ni-Mo Alloy Melts 171
D. Kim, M. Paek, S. Won, T. Kim, and J. Pak

Dynamic Adsorption Behaviour of Aqueous Vanadium onto Anion Exchange Resin 175
C. Li, H. Li, L. Wang, S. An, and B. Xie

Ultrasonic-assisted Alkaline Leaching of Vanadium from Stone Coal 183
X. Liu, X. Chen, J. Li, and Z. Zhao

Sodium Roasting Thermodynamics of Chromium-containing Vanadium Slag and Its Application 189
H. Fang, H. Li, X. Li, and B. Xie

Definition of the Process to Separate Light Rare Earths by Working with (2-Ethylexyl)-Mono(2-Ethylexyl) Ester Phosphoric Acid (P507) in a Mixer Settler Battery 197
A. Blasi, C. Sposato, G. Devincenzis, P. Garzone, and M. Morgana

Comparison Among Different Extractants, AS (2-Ethylhexyl)-Mono (2-Ethylhexyl) Ester Phosphonic Acid (P507), Secondary-octyl Phenoxy Acetic Acid (CA-12) and Bis (2, 4, 4-Trimethylpentyl) Phosphinic Acid (CYANEX272), in the Separation of Heavy Rare Earths via Hydrometallurgical Processes 201
C. Sposato, A. Blasi, G. Devincenzis, P. Garzone, and M. Morgana

Poster Session

Dysprosium Extraction Using Molten Salt Process 207
A. Abbasalizadeh, L. Teng, and S. Seetharaman

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Subject Index 211

""The considerable merit of the book, therefore, is that it brings together such a variety of approaches into a single volume. This hardbound text, with its beautifully designed cover, would sit well on the bookshelves of those interested in this increasingly important field of scientific endeavour.""  (Appl. Organometal. Chem, 24 March  2015)