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Rare Metal Technology 2016


This collection presents the papers presented in the symposium on extraction of rare metals as well as rare extraction processing techniques used in metal production. Paper topics include the extraction and processing of elements like antimony, arsenic, gold, indium, palladium, platinum, rare earth metals including yttrium and neodymium, titanium, tungsten, and vanadium. The rare processing techniques covered include direct extraction process for rare earth element recovery; biosorption of precious metals; fluorination behavior of uranium and zirconium mixture of fuel debris treatment; and recovery of valuable components of commodity metals such as zinc, nickel, and metals from slag.

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Rare Earth Elements / Base & Rare Metals I

The Search Minerals Direct Extraction Process for Rare Earth Element Recovery 3
David Dreisinger, Niels Verbaan, and Mike Johnson

Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Low Grade Mine Tailings 17
S. Peelman, Z.H.I. Sun, J. Sietsma, and Y. Yang

Fluorination Behavior of Uranium and Zirconium Mixture for Fuel Debris Treatment 31
Nobuaki Sato, Akira Kirishima, and Tetsuo Fukasawa

Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Rare Earth Metals from Spent FCC Catalysts 37
M. Wenzel, K. Schnaars, N. Kelly, L. Gotzke, S. Robles M., K. Kretschmer, Phuc Nguyen Le, Dang Thanh Tung, Nguyen Huu Luong, Nguyen Anh Duc, Dang Van Sy, K. Gloe, and J.J. Weigand

Direct Solvent Extraction of Nickel from Sulfuric Acid Leach Solutions of Low Grade and Complicated Nickel Resources Using a Novel Extractant of HBL110 47
Li Zeng, Guiqing Zhang, Liansheng Xiao, and Zuoying Cao

Acid Leaching Zinc and Indium with Reduction Ferric Simultaneously from Marmatite and High-Iron Neutral Leaching Residue 55
Zhigan Deng, Fan Zhang, Chang Wei, Cunxiong Li, Xingbin Li, Gang Fan, and Minting Li

Rare Earth Elements / Base & Rare Metals II

Recovery of Yttrium and Neodymium from Copper Pregnant Leach Solutions by Solvent Extraction 65
Rebecca Grace Copp and J. Brent Hiskey

Calcined Nanocrystaline Layered Double Hydroxides for the Removal of Arsenate and Arsenite 77
Eman Wahbah, Yousef Mohassab, Manoranjan Misra, and Monalisa Panda

Experimental Study on Valuable Metals Dissolution from Copper Slag 87
Sun Ying, Zhang Jing, Wang Yan-ze, and Li Qiu-ju

Adsorption of Platinum and Palladium from Hydrochloric Acid Media by Hydrothermally Treated Garlic Waste Gel 95
Bo Liang, Kai Huang, Hongmin Zhu, and Shafiq Alam

Pressure Oxidation Leaching of Gold-Antimony Alloy 109
Aichun Dou

Quantitative Analysis of the Trace Elements in Purity Indium Material by Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer 121
Wenli Zhang, Ping Long, Jian Wu, Xiumin Chen, and Bin Yang

Platinum Group Metals / Mo, Ti, V & W

Adsorptive Recovery of Palladium and Platinum from Acidic Chloride Media Using Chemically Modified Persimmon Tannin 131
Manju Gurung, Birendra Babu Adhikari, Katsutoshi Inoue, Hidetaka Kawakita, Keisuke Ohto, and Shafiq Alam

Investigation of Iron Removal from Reduced Upgraded Titania Slag Using Mild Acids 143
Jaehun Cho, Syamantak Roy, Amarchand Sathyapalan, Michael L. Free, and Zhigang Zak Fang

Production of Tungsten by Pulse Current Reduction of CaWO4 151
Furkan Ozdemir, Metehan Erdog˘an, Mustafa Elmadag˘lı, and I˙shak Karakaya

Kinetics of Extracting Vanadium from Stonecoal by Alkali Leaching 159

Shengfan Zhou, Bianfang Chen, Mingyu Wang, and Xuewen Wang

Selective Removal of the Impurity Silicon and Aluminum in Titanium Concentrate 167
Xuehui Liu, Xuewen Wang, Mingyu Wang, and Xingming Wang

Stripping of Fe(III) from P204 by Oxalic Acid 175
Changjun Jiang, Shengfan Zhou, Mingyu Wang, and Xuewen Wang

Recovery and Purification of In3+ from Zinc Hydrometallurgical Process in a T-junction Microchannel 183
Chuanhua Li, Feng Jiang, Shaohua Ju, Jinhui Peng, and Libo Zhang

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