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Raspberry Pi For Kids For Dummies

Richard Wentk

ISBN: 978-1-119-04951-7 July 2015 352 Pages


Getting acquainted with your Raspberry Pi has never been sweeter

Raspberry Pi For Kids For Dummies makes it easy for kids to set-up, operate, and troubleshoot like a Pi pro! Introducing you to Pi through a series of entertaining and inspiring projects, this handy, step-by-step guide shows you how to write computer games, build websites, make art and music, create electronic projects, and much more! From downloading the operating system and setting up your Raspberry Pi to creating art in Tux Paint and designing games with Scratch, everything you need to have fun with Pi is inside!

Raspberry Pi For Kids For Dummies leaves the confusing tech talk behind and explains in plain English how to unleash all the cool possibilities of Pi, like playing Minecraft in Python, using HTML to make a website, managing and customizing your Raspberry Pi, playing music with Sonic Pi, and understanding and playing with the GPIO.

  • Teaches the basics of Raspberry Pi in a simple and thorough approach
  • Shows you how to zoom around Pi, all while learning valuable programming skills
  • Offers tons of exciting projects to keep you engaged as you learn
  • Includes instruction on everything you need to troubleshoot Raspberry Pi

If you're aspiring computer programmer age 8-18 and want to start having fun with Pi, look no further than Raspberry Pi For Kids For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Week 1: Making a Pi 7

Chapter 1: Find Parts for Your Pi 9

Chapter 2: Create a Mind for Your Pi 27

Chapter 3: Connect Your Pi 46

Chapter 4: Power Up and Get Started 57

Chapter 5: Use the Desktop 76

Week 2: Simple Programming Projects 93

Chapter 6: Start Scratch from Scratch 95

Chapter 7: Meet Sonic Pi 118

Week 3: Finding Out More about Programming 135

Chapter 8: Get Started with Python 137

Chapter 9: Make a Guessing Game with Python 153

Chapter 10: Dig into Linux Commands 179

Chapter 11: Manage and Customize Linux 193

Week 4: Fun Pi Software Projects 215

Chapter 12: Throw Shapes with Turtles 217

Chapter 13: Combine Minecraft and Python 240

Chapter 14: Make a Dumb Website 254

Chapter 15: Make a Smart Website 273

Week 5: Working with a Webcam 295

Chapter 16: Take Photos with a Webcam 297

Chapter 17: Make a Simple Webcam 309

Index 321

“Remembering the intended target audience, the inevitable setting up chapters are both necessary and well judged, with details on cables and other information to enable younger makers to get going without adult help. Ignoring the ‘For Kids’ branding, this book would be a valuable start for any nervous adult computer user keen to gain Pi enlightenment.” (MagPi, September 2015)
Code Files
Bonus Chapter 1: Getting Deeper into Scratch
Bonus Chapter 2: Making Music with Sonic Pi
Bonus Chapter 3: Making Art with TuxPaint
Bonus Chapter 4: Making a Web Thermometer
Bonus Chapter 5: Ten Pi Operating Systems
Bonus Chapter 6: Ten Essential Linux Commands
Bonus Chapter 7: Top Ten Pi Websites