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Rationing: Talk and Action in Healthcare

Rationing: Talk and Action in Healthcare

Bill New (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91180-3

Dec 1997, BMJ Books

265 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This unique publication, co-published with the King's Fund, is about talk and action in health care rationing. It presents the latest thinking and practical experience in rationing today. Read about why rationing is inevitable, look at what the public thinks, and decide for yourself what action should be taken in the future
Introduction and context: introduction, Bill New; The rationing agenda in the NHS, Bill New; Responses to the rationing agenda, Jo Lenaghan. Section 1 Talk: The inevitability of rationing in the NHS, Chris Heginbotham; Public opinion and rationing - a review of the evidence, Jack Kneeshaw. The rationing debate: Devising a package of health care services the NHS is responsible for - for, Bill New; against, Rudolph Kelin; Maximising the health of the whole community - for, A.J. Culyer; against, John Harris; Rationing health care by age - for, Alan Williams; against, J. Grimley Evans; Central government should have a greater role in rationing decisions - for, Jo Lenaghan; against, Stephen Harrison; Rationing within the NHS should be explicit - for, Len Doyal; against, Jo Coast; Direct public and patient involvement in rationing - the possibilities for direct public involvement, Anna Coote; - the possibilities for direct patient involvement, Heather Goodare; The moral limits to public and patient involvement, Len Doyal. Section 2 Action: New Zealand priority criteria project, Hadorn, Holmes; Setting priorities - can Britain learn from Sweden? McKee, Figueras; Setting priorities - is there a role for citizen's juries? Lenaghan et al; The Asbury draft policy on ethical use of resources, Crisp et al; Responses to Asbury proposal, Thomasma et al; A purchaser experience of managing new, expensive drugs - interferon beta, Rous et al; How can hospitals ration drugs? Bochner et al; responses to Boshner et al.