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Reading Bourdieu on Society and Culture

Reading Bourdieu on Society and Culture

Bridget Fowler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22186-9

Jan 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

244 pages

Select type: Paperback


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As Bourdieu's reputation mounts, this collection seeks to evaluate his contribution. It is the first critical work to analyse his entire studies of the cultural field, the first to consider his revised theory of practice and the first to test his concepts in key new areas of socio- cultural research.

Section I: Domination.

Introduction to Section I.

Thinking Feminism with and Against Bourdieu.

Bourdieu, Social Suffering and Working-Class Life.

Section II: Rationality and Politics in Bourdieu’s Social Theory.

Introduction to Section II.

Reasons for Domination, Bourdieu vs. Habermas.

A Militant Sociology: the Political Commitment of Pierre Bourdieu.

Durkheim and Bourdieu: the Common Plinth and It’s Cracks.

Section III: The Sociolology of Culture.

Introduction to Section III.

Hidden Agenda; Pierre Bourdieu and Terry Eagleton.

A different Field of Vision: Gentleman and Players in Edinbugh, 1826-1851.

The Mediated Manufacture of an ‘Avant Garde’: Bourdieusian Analysis of the Field of Contemporary Art in London, 1997-9.

The English Intellectual Field in the 1790s and the Creative Project of Samuel Taylor Coleridge-an application of Bourdieu’s Cultural Analysis.

The Impact of Market Journalism: Pierre Bourdieu On the Media.

Bourdieu and The Art Historians.



  • Contains contributions from recognised exponents of Bourdieu's ideas, eg Loic Wacquant and Louis Pinto.

  • Contributors come from France, Britain and the United States; essays have been specially translated for this volume.

  • A wide range of areas is covered, as suits Bourdieu's own breadth, but a concentration on cultural theory is also offered.