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Reading Development and Dyslexia

Reading Development and Dyslexia

Charles Hulme , Margaret J. Snowling

ISBN: 978-1-897-63585-8

Oct 2011

260 pages

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Explanations of reading disorders need to be framed in terms of theories of the normal development of reading and spelling. This collection of papers, based on a selection of those to be presented to the Third International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association, in April 1994, brings together studies of dyslexia and normal reading development. Key topics include the role of underlying language skills for the development of reading and reading disorders, individual differences amongst dyslexic readers, the biological bases of dyslexia, and techniques for improving reading skills in dyslexic and other poor readers.
The Normal Development of Reading Skills.

The Nature and Causes of reading Difficulties.

The Remediation of Reading Difficulties.