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Ready, Set, Read and Write

Marlene Barron

ISBN: 978-0-471-10283-0 October 1995 Jossey-Bass 150 Pages


Start together on a lifetime of learning-- the greatest gift youcan give your child

A trip to the supermarket. A drive to the mall. A refrigerator. Atelephone. A television. Transform these everyday experiences andhousehold items into a world of words and wonder for yourchild.

Early childhood education specialist Marlene Barron shows you howto stimulate your child's natural interest in reading and writingby sharing 60 imaginative and entertaining activities. Each one is:
* Inspired by the internationally renowned Montessori approach toeducation
* Developed especially for children ages 3 to 7
* Aimed at achieving specific objectives, such as increasingvocabulary, letter formation, sequencing, listening and motorskills, and more
* Readily upgraded to keep pace with your child's progress
* Easy to do and loads of fun!

The Ready, Set, Learn series was created to help parents andchildren explore concepts and develop skills necessary to succeedin school. In addition to dozens of activities, each book containsa substantial overview explaining children's developmental needs.Also available in the Ready, Set, Learn series: Ready, Set, Count;Ready, Set, Explore; Ready, Set, Cooperate.

"Marlene Barron's special understanding of people--children,parents, teachers--has led to these very special books. Theactivities here will allow children to construct a deeper, morecomplex understanding of their world and will be fun for bothparent and child. I recommend these books to anyone who works withchildren." --John Chattin-McNichols, Ph.D. Associate Professor,School of Education, Seattle University Vice President, AmericanMontessori Society
Partial table of contents:


What's on the Fridge?.

Private Journal.

The Movable Feast.

The Daily Mail.

Talk Me Through It.

The Terrific Tube.

Read to Me.

Puppet Play.

A Place to Write.

Unique Units.


Matching It Up!

Shape Finder.

Cutting Coupons.

Laundry Soap.

Poetry in Motion.

Rhymes on Stage.

At Your Command.

Fonts of Knowledge.

Organic Words.

Hit the Library!


Simon Says.

Get on Track.

Yellow Jell-O.

Finger Play.

Designs by Hand.

Drawing Out a Story.

Talk Like a Robot.

The Family Notebook.

Tape Tech.


Making Letters.

Wordy Workout.

New Directions.

Big Words.

Word Study.

Chip in for Syllables.

Asking and Telling.

Body English.

Color Game.

Board Games.