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Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children

Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children

Jean R. Feldman Ph.D

ISBN: 978-0-876-28886-3

Feb 1997, Jossey-Bass

304 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This remarkable resource provides over 220 illustrated activities to help young children feel good about themselves ... develop friendships ... celebrate diversity ... and accept changes! For easy use, all activities include a specific purpose, materials and step-by-step directions and are organized into six sections: Wonderful Me ... Friends, Friends, Friends ... Feelings & Emotions ... Same & Different ... Changes ... Parent Pack.

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This item: Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children

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"Who am I?" Big book.

Magic mirror.

Wanted posters.

Super star.

Roll on.

"Step book about me".

Driver's license.

Picture puppets.

Pass it on.

People puzzlers.

Me blocks.

Picture perfect.

"The best thing about me" TV.

"I can do something special" day.

Picture portfolios.

Mystery friend.

All kinds of smart.

Wonderful words placemat.

Radio hour.

Me box.

VIP for the week.

We are family.

VIP family.

Name art.

Chalk talk.

Name poems.

Name graph.

My space.

Initial it.

ID bracelet.

My name is.

Take a look at me.

Invisible writing.

You're Wonderful!.

Secret Pal mailbox.

Toss and tell.

Name rap.

Bibbity bobbity bumblebee.

Name songs.

I am special.

All by myself.

Brownie beat story.

Hands up for us.

"Me" mobile.

Body art.

Designer T-shirt.

Five senses book.


My backpack.

"Hooray for me" windsock.

Good cents!.

Banner hang-ups.

Flags and pennants.

People who love me.

A letter to myself.

"My favorite things" bag book.

A little book about me.

It's my birthday!.

Badges and awards.



Friendship web.

The car wash.

Friend bingo.

Friendship chain.

Recipe for a wonderful class.

The friend book.

Who's like you?.

Class phone book.

The "Guess who?" riddle book.

"Hello" and "Good-bye" books.

Secret friend.

Talent show.

Adoption program.

Buddy day.

May I play?

Story stick.

School spirit song.

The "I like you" song.

We really like you.

Friendship bubble.

Class books.

Buddy system.

Class news and views.

Grouping games.

Story bags.

Mail time.

Three cheers.

The "Thank-You" board.

Class rules.

Let's vote.

"School is fun" graph.

Teacher of the day.

Helper sticks.

Prince and princess.

The "Clean-up clock".

Not enough.

Friendly salad.

Grab bag art.

Friendship necklace.

Pal portraits.

Cooperative sculpture.

Bag city.

Peanut butter.

Cooperative art.

Partner games.

Moving and singing with friends.


The "How do you feel?" book.

Happy, happy me.

African village song.


Expression headbands.

Face the day.

Trouble rock.

Stress bottles.

"Let it all out" center.

Scribble picture.

Recording studio.

Picture talks.

Word webbing.

Group chart stories.

We can work it out.

Suggestion circle.

Booboo bear.

Snuggles and stones.

"I wish" wand.

Wants and needs.

A ride in the sky.

Me message.

Floppy and stiff.

Alone zone.

Alone and with a friend.

Do not disturb.

"Me" bags.


Dear diary.

Making faces.

Feelings charades.

Face change.

Feeling face sandwiches.

If you're happy.

My feeling book.



Thumbprint detectives.

Inside, outside.

Hands that help.

Hagalena magalena.

Around the room with multicultural ideas.

Bilingual books.

Reading and singing around the world.

Let's go shopping.

A world of bread.

What's cooking at your home?.

What are you wearing?

Family culture box.

Class museum.

The fun house.

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Pass the parcel.

Pinata Party.

Where in the world?

Pen pals.

People collage.

Paper doll parade.

People play dough.

That's my baby.

"Diversity Day" body puppets.

Compare me.

People graph.


Olympic day.

Share and care.

Special tools.

Reading hands.

Speaking hands.

What's it like.

A circle of friends


Fitness trail.

Healthy foods.

Tooth talk.

Good night!.


Manners and Magic words.

Emergency! Emergency! 911.

What if?


Yes or no.

I say "No!"

Don't Touch!

Picture sequence.

When I was a baby.

Baby, look at me now!

Now I can pop-up.

Does the shoe fit?.

Yesterday— today— and tomorrow.


Super heroes.

If I could change the world.

I wish I were.

Dream jar.

Flying high goals.

Puppet people.

All dressed up.

Time capsule.

Blast off to the future.


Positive partnerships.

Constructive communication.

Learning bags.

Count-at-home book.

I can read!.

Tag-along Teddy.

Bag a book.

Homework task cards.

"School Is Fun" Book.

Who is my teacher?.

Art portfolio.

Parent resource library.


Featured family.

Box of love.

My good book.

I can! I can!

Helper pouch.

Sweet dreams.

Family trees.

Coat of arms.