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Ready-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons and Activities for Elementary Students



Ready-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons and Activities for Elementary Students

Ruth Weltmann Begun (Editor), Frank J. Huml (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-96699-7 September 1999 Jossey-Bass 256 Pages


This practical resource gives educators in grades K through 6/8 a flexible, ready-to-use curriculum focusing on a wide range of contemporary topics such as stimulant use, family relationships, dealing with anger, managing threatening situations, and crime related activities. Developed by a team of experience educators, the lessons are based on real situations I students' own lives that involve dealing with feelings, self-esteem, peer pressure, and respect for others. They help students build character, prepare them to recognize situations that could become violent, and teach them the skills they need to handle conflicts in a non-violent and peaceful manner.

For easy use, the lessons follow a uniform format, including a descriptive title, a specific behavioral objective, and a simple eight-step lesson plan that provides everything needed for an effective, well-balances learning experience. Each lessons covers:
* Purpose: Need for teaching/learning the social skill, e.g."Choosing Friends Selectively."
* Introduction: Stories and questions to make the skill concrete.
* Skill Components: Skill steps for teaching the appropriate behavior.
* Modeling the Skill: Teacher and/or student demonstration of the skill.
* Behavioral Rehearsal: Student performance of the skill with teacher correction if necessary.
* Practice: Worksheets and other activities summarizing the skill.
* Independent Use: Activities to promote use of the skills outside of school.
* Continuation: Suggestions for reinforcing the skill through the school year.

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About This Violence Prevention Skills Teaching Resource.


About The Society for Prevention of Violence (SPV).

About the Violence Prevention Skills Curriculum.



To the Teacher.

Life skills.

1. Coping With Difficulties in Life.

Reproducibles "In Trouble" Worksheet.

"Serious Difficulties" Worksheet.

2. Learning to Value Life.

Reproducibles "Life is Valuable" Worksheet.

"Life is Valuable" Answer Key.

"I Will Be Valuable" Worksheet.

3. Understanding How to Conquer Fear.

Reproducibles "Planning Ahead" Worksheet.

"Safety" Worksheet.

4. Managing Anger.

Reproducible "Angry Situations" Worksheet.

5. Learning That Retaliation is Futile.

Reproducibles "Retaliation" Worksheet.

"Retaliation" Answer Key.

"Get Even" Worksheet.

6. Learning to Care for the handicapped.

Reproducibles "Care" Worksheet.

"Look Out" Log Sheet.

7. Learning That Failures Can Lead to Success.

Reproducibles "Better Days Ahead" Worksheet.

"Slipping and Tripping" Worksheet.

8. Learning to React to Disrespect.

Reproducibles "Disrespect vs. Respect" Worksheet.

"Respect in the Family" Worksheet.


9. Selecting Trusted Role Models.

Reproducibles "Role Model" Worksheet.

"Be My Role Model" Greeting Card.

10. Learning to Find Acceptance Without Coercion.

Reproducibles "Accepted" Worksheet.

"Friends" Worksheet.

11. Developing Good Friendships.

Reproducibles "My Friend" Worksheet.

"Relationships" Worksheet.

12. Understanding Boy/Girl Relationships.

Reproducible "Fun with Friends" Worksheet.

13. Understanding Rights and Responsibilities.

Reproducibles "Classroom Rights" Worksheet.

"Home Rights" Worksheet.


14. Learning the Importance of Rules.

Reproducibles "Up With School Rules" Worksheet.

"Up With Family Rules" Worksheet.

15. Achieving Family Harmony.

Reproducibles "Creating Family Harmony" Worksheet.

"Creating Family Harmony" Answer Key.

"Family Flash" Worksheet.

16. Understanding Stress in the Family.

Reproducibles "Stressed Out" Worksheet.

"Stressed Out" Answer Key.

"A Family Problem" Worksheet.

17. Understanding Sibling Rivalry.

Reproducibles "Jealous Tears" Worksheet.

"Jealous Tears" Answer Key.

"Resolving Sibling Rivalry" Worksheet.

18. Understanding Elderly Family Members.

Reproducibles "Time Together" Worksheet.

"Young and Old--How Do We Compare?" Worksheet.

19. Understanding Family Fights.

Reproducibles "Stop the Violence" Worksheet.

"Peaceful" Worksheet.

Stress and Danger.

20. Understanding Early Signs of Troublesome Situations.

Reproducibles "Trouble" Worksheet.

"Danger" Worksheet.

21. Dealing with Dangerous Situations.

Reproducibles "Danger Ahead" Worksheet.

"Safe Sailing" Worksheet.

22. Realizing Extreme Potential Danger.

Reproducibles "Stranger/Danger" Worksheet.

"Threats to Me" Worksheet.

23. Learning to Trust Others.

Reproducibles "Who Can I Trust?" Worksheet.

"Why I Do Not Trust You . . ." Worksheet.

24. Learning to Manage Excessive Stress.

Reproducibles "Excessive Stress" Worksheet.

"Stress in a Box" Worksheet.


25. Coping with Extreme Stress.

Reproducibles "Stress and Me" Worksheet.

"Overcoming My Stress" Worksheet.

26. Dealing with Loneliness and Depression.

Reproducibles "Feelings of Depression-What?-Who?" Worksheet.

"Over the Top" Worksheet.


27. Learning About Developing BAD Habits.

Reproducibles "Habits and Me" Worksheet.

"Habit Poster" Worksheet.

28. Understanding the Effects of Stimulant Use.

Reproducibles "Search for Facts" Word Search.

"Search for Facts" Answer Key.

29. Understanding the Dangers of Marijuana.

Reproducibles "High and Dry" Worksheet.

"Needs and Alternatives" Worksheet.

30. Learning About the Symptoms that Follow Stimulant Use.

Reproducibles "Repulsive" Worksheet.

"Resentment" Worksheet.

31. Learning to Seek Help To Stop Smoking.

Reproducible "Up in Smoke" Worksheet.

32. Understanding the Consequences Due to Inhaling.

Reproducibles "Temptation" Worksheet.

"Search-It-Out" Worksheet.

"Most Commonly Used Products" Worksheet.

"Home Project--Parent Child Project" Worksheet.

33. Selecting Activities to Conquer the Desire for Stimulant Use.

Reproducibles "Activities Comparison" Chart.

"Alternatives-Staying Away from Stimulants" Worksheet.

"Drugs or What?" Worksheet.

34. Learning to Seek Help Against Addiction.

Reproducibles "Please Help" Worksheet.

"Double Trouble" Worksheet.


35. Learning to Change Bully Behavior.

Reproducibles "Dejected Bully" Worksheet.

"Need Help for Change?" Worksheet.

36. Understanding the Difference Between Need and Desire.

Reproducibles "Desire" Worksheet.

"A Wish" Worksheet.

37. Learning to Be Selective with Media Programs.

Reproducibles "Program Preference" Worksheet.

"Daily Calendar" Worksheet.

38. satisfying a need for thrills by joining lawful activities.

Reproducibles "Hang-in-There" Worksheet.

"Excitement" Worksheet.

39. Understanding that Vandalism is a Crime.

Reproducibles "Vandalism" Worksheet.

"Vandalism" Answer Key.

"Crime-Yes or No?" Worksheet.

40. Realizing that There are Consequences for Criminal Actions.

Reproducibles "Consequences" Worksheet.

"My Letter of Apology" Worksheet.

41. Using Our Hands Appropriately.

Reproducibles "Thumbs Up-Thumbs Down" Worksheet.

"My Hands" Worksheet.

42. Understanding Sexual Harassment.

Reproducibles "Sexual Harassment" Worksheet.

"Sexual Harassment Role Plays" Worksheet.

43. Respecting Dangerous Objects.

Reproducibles "Dangerous" Worksheet.

"Tragedy in Our Town" Worksheet.

44. Understanding the Consequences for Bringing Weapons to School.

Reproducibles "Play Safe-No Guns" Worksheet.

"Gun/School-No" Worksheet.