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Real World Psychology

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Real World Psychology

Karen Huffman, Catherine A. Sanderson

ISBN: 978-1-118-80400-1 December 2013 560 Pages

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This text is an unbound, binder ready version.

With a combined total of 49 years teaching introductory psychology, authors Karen Huffman and Catherine A. Sanderson provide the latest up-to-date coverage and real world applications to core concepts in the teaching of psychology. Designed for introductory psychology courses, Real World Psychology is above all a brief book that works within the time constraints of todays' instructors and students. This first edition text allows readers to grasp the big picture in psychology without an abundance of supplementary details. Huffman and Sanderson tie each key concept to real-world, in-text examples that offer an incomparable window into not only ourselves, but also into the world and the people who sustain us.

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Catering to the firm belief that brevity matters, this text cohesively covers key topics in introductory psychology while respecting both instructors and students’ time. The authors use their B (Brevity) and four C’s (Concise, Comprehensive, Comprehensible, and Convenient) system to turn “B” and “C” students into “A”s! Besides brief, this text is:

  • Concise.   When textbook chapters (or classroom lectures) are too long, attention strays and educational goals are lost. But brevity is more than just fewer words. The true goal of concise writing is clarity.
  • Comprehensive.   Knowing that the overarching goal of all instructors is to present the essentials of psychology, this text is dedicated to comprehensive coverage of all the core concepts becausecontent matters.
    • Included is a special featured called Psych Science that offers an expanded discussion of the latest research on various “Hot Topics,” such as the influence of media images of women on preschool girls’ body-shape preferences, or the impact of cell phone use on driving errors.
    • Each detailed Psych Science example is followed by a special, interactive Research Challenge, which asks the reader to identify the research method used in each example. This exercise helps reinforce the core learning objective on research methods, while also building student appreciation and engagement with the latest research.
  • Comprehensible.   A good textbook must be more than concise and comprehensive. It must organize and present complex topics in a manner that is easily read and understood by the reader. However, comprehension without real world application is fairly useless.
    • Research shows that tying everyday examples to new material not only provides the scaffolding necessary for mastering complex topics, it also helps today’s busy students see how the terms and concepts they’re learning in this text can help improve their everyday life.
    • A new feature, Voices in the Classroom, provides real life examples from professors across the nation, which illustrate how psychology can help us describe, explain, predict, and change our personal worlds.
  • Convenient.  Today’s instructors and students are busier than ever, so RWP will provide them with the most essential, educationally-sound assets in the most easily accessible and user-friendly manner possible.