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Real World SharePoint 2007: Indispensable Experiences From 16 MOSS and WSS MVPs

Real World SharePoint 2007: Indispensable Experiences From 16 MOSS and WSS MVPs

Scot Hillier (Editor), Robert Bogue, Adam Buenz, Andrew Connell, Stacy Draper, Luis Du Solier Grinda, Todd Klindt, Jason Medero, Dustin Miller, Shane Perran, Joris Poelmans, Heather Solomon, Nick Swan, Jan Tielens, Mike Walsh, Shane Young

ISBN: 978-0-470-16835-6

Aug 2007

504 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book represents the efforts of 16 MVPs in the SharePoint community to present core areas of SharePoint 2007 products and technologies seasoned with significant field experience. This book is for the community of SharePoint professionals including architects, designers, developers, administrators, and engineers. Readers should have prior experience with SharePoint 2007 products and technologies. The topics were selected by SharePoint MVP and Editor Scot Hiller to represent a cross-section of the most important areas within SharePoint. The chapters stand alone as independent articles.

Specifically, here's what the book covers:

  • Introduction by Mike Walsh
  • Forms Based Authentication by Stacy Draper: approaches to FBA, along with their strengths and weaknesses
  • SharePoint Administration by Todd Klindt: backup, recovery, command-line utilities
  • Developing Publishing Sites by Andrew Connell: challenges the conventional thinking
  • SharePoint Designer 2007 by Dustin Miller: a powerful part of your toolkit
  • Customizing and Branding the SharePoint 2007 Interface by Shane Perran and Heather Solomon: look and feel using master pages, style sheets, and graphics
  • Creating and deploying of Web Parts using C# by Jan Tielens
  • Robert Bogue creates custom workflows and forms for deployment in WSS using C#
  • Workflow in SharePoint Server 2007 by Joris Poelmans: coverage of InfoPath forms and how to use them with MOSS workflows
  • Business Data Catalog by Nick Swan: Using the BDC to allow MOSS to access line-of-business databases
  • Excel Services by Luis Du Solier Grinda: presenting spreadsheet data to users through a browser
  • Securing Communication by Adam Buenz: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Kerberos security, ISA Server.
  • Information Rights Management by Jason Medero: setting up IRM and using it with libraries to restrict documents
  • Different approaches to upgrading from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 by Shane Young


Chapter 1: Introduction to SharePoint.

Chapter 2: Configuring Forms Based Authentication.

Chapter 3: Understanding SharePoint Administration.

Chapter 4: Developing Publishing Sites the Smart and Structured Way.

Chapter 5: Using SharePoint Designer 2007.

Chapter 6: Customizing and Branding the SharePoint 2007 Interface.

Chapter 7: Understanding Web Parts.

Chapter 8: Creating Workflows in WSS.

Chapter 9: Creating Workflow in SharePoint Server 2007.

Chapter 10: Using the Business Data Catalog.

Chapter 11: Using Excel Services.

Chapter 12: Securing SharePoint Communication.

Chapter 13: Using Information Rights Management.

Chapter 14: Upgrading from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 Using the Gradual Method.


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There is a newer version of this document now titled "Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Document: Microsoft Office Programs and SharePoint Products and Technologies Integration – Fair, Good, Better, Best" available at

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