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Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs

Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs

Kaira Sturdivant Rouda

ISBN: 978-1-118-04524-4 December 2010 256 Pages




Real You Incorporated empowers women entrepreneurs. The book provides insights for women on how to discover and love their personal brand, and how to bring it into the market as a real business—unique and different. In the first section of the book, Find It Within You, readers will learn how to express internal personality, passions and essence to define the internal brand. In the second section, The Competitive Advantage, readers learn how to extend the internal message into the world—to their partners, employees and ultimately their customers.

Part branding—the author is a nationally known marketing expert—and part business inspiration, Real You Incorporated includes case studies of real women entrepreneurs from a variety of industries: manufacturing, retail, restaurants, real estate, publishing and many more. Their stories bring the book to life, adding inspiration and role models. The book also includes a visualization tool in the form of a chart that women entrepreneurs can complete and keep with them, to remind them of their Real You, no matter what phase their business is in.


Section I: Find It Within You.

Real Fact 1: It All Starts With You.

Life Lesson One: Your future starts now.

Life Lesson Two: Learn from your past.

Life Lesson Three: Describe yourself in one word.

Real Fact 2: Define Your Passions.

Life Lesson Four: Find the real people in your life.

Life Lesson Five: Don’t go it alone.

Life Lesson Six: Follow your instincts.

Real Fact 3: Discover Your Brand.

Life Lesson Seven: Tell your company story.

Life Lesson Eight: Defi ne your brand essence.

Life Lesson Nine: Create your vision statement.

Section II: The Competitive Advantage.

Real Fact 4: Bring Your Passion and Your Brand Together.

Life Lesson Ten: The fi ve senses of branding.

Life Lesson Eleven: Create a marketing plan.

Life Lesson Twelve: Make it tangible.

Real Fact 5: Create a Unique and Real Work Environment.

Life Lesson Thirteen: Be a creative leader.

Life Lesson Fourteen: Express your brand in hiring.

Life Lesson Fifteen: Avoid culture vultures.

Real Fact 6: Your Personal Brand Is Your Business Brand.

Life Lesson Sixteen: Customers know if you’re faking it.

Life Lesson Seventeen: Be everywhere she wants you to be.

Life Lesson Eighteen: The real world is online.

Real Fact 7: Chart Uncharted Waters.

Life Lesson Nineteen: Build your business network.

Life Lesson Twenty: Change the world for other women.

Life Lesson Twenty-One: Capture your charitable passion.

Real Fact 8: Creativity Is Unstoppable.

Life Lesson Twenty-Two: Don’t get stuck.

Life Lesson Twenty-Three: Play.

Life Lesson Twenty-four: Share.


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