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Reality-Based Leadership Self Assessment

Reality-Based Leadership Self Assessment

Cy Wakeman

ISBN: 978-1-118-54046-6

Jan 2014, Pfeiffer

8 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The Self-Assessment that helps participants transform themselves into Reality-Based Leaders

Based on Cy Wakeman's popular book Reality Based Leadership, the Reality Based Leadership Workshop conveys her candid, humorous approach to organizational dynamics. The Reality Based Leadership model challenges traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and focuses on Five Core Competencies: reality based thinking organizational alignment capitalizing on change driving results accountability. This Self-Assessment takes participants in the Reality Based Leadership program through the process of examining themselves in relation to the model and begins their journey into becoming Reality-Based Leaders, capable of liberating and inspiring others.

  • Companion to the Reality-Based Leadership Workshop
  • Helps participants examine themselves in relation to Five Core Competencies: reality based thinking, organizational alignment, capitalizing on change, driving results, and accountability
  • Can be used independently to assess leaders' skills

This Self-Assessment is the first step in the journey of transforming oneself into a Reality-Based Leader, with the ability to liberate and inspire others.

Please note, this is an 8-page self-assessment to be used as part of the Reality-Based Leadership Workshop Training Package.

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