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Reassessing the Sixties: Debating the Political and Cultural Legacy

Reassessing the Sixties: Debating the Political and Cultural Legacy

Stephen Macedo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-97142-2

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352 pages

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Basic conflicts came to the fore in that decade and continue to define our politics: more egalitarian race and gender relations; a new openness with respect to sexuality; greater concern for the environment; higher rates of divorce, drug abuse, and crime; and a greater willingness to challenge authorities of all sorts.For some, American finally took seriously its founding commitments to freedom and equality in the 1960s. For others, the cultural changes wrought by that decade are destroying the moral infrastructure on which a healthy liberal democracy depends. All agree that America was irrevocably changed as a result of this tumultuous period.This collections brings together original essays by America's leading political thinkers on such topics as gender roles, sexuality, the family, education, and race. They take stock of the deep changes brought about by the 1960s and assess the impact of these changes on the health of America. The juxtaposition of these commentaries spanning the ideological spectrum makes for highly provocative and engaging reading.