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Rebels in Groups: Dissent, Deviance, Difference, and Defiance

Rebels in Groups: Dissent, Deviance, Difference, and Defiance

Jolanda Jetten (Editor) , Matthew J. Hornsey (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39083-4

Nov 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

400 pages



With contributions from leading scholars in the field, Rebels in Groups brings together the latest research which, contrary to traditional views, considers dissent, deviance, difference and defiance to be a normal and healthy aspect of group life.  
  • Brings together the latest research on the role of dissent, deviance, difference and defiance within groups
  • Presents a new approach which considers dissent, deviance, difference and defiance to be a normal and healthy aspect of group life 
  • Examines a broad range of groups, such as political groups, task groups, and teams in organizations
  • Considers diverse fields of psychology, including social, organizational, and developmental psychology
  • Contributors are among the leading scholars in their areas of psychology
About the Editors.

About the Contributors.

1. The Many Faces of Rebels (Jolanda Jetten & Matthew J. Hornsey).

Section I Dissent in Groups:

2. Rogues and Heroes: Finding Value in Dissent (Charlan Nemeth & Jack A. Goncalo).

3. Learning from Conflict (Fabrizio Butera, Céline Darnon, & Gabriel Mugny).

4. From a Current State to a Desired Future: How Compositional Changes Affect Dissent and Motivation in Work Groups (Floor Rink & Naomi Ellemers).

5. Minority Influence in Interacting Groups: The Impact of Newcomers (John M. Levine & Hoon-Seok Choi).

Section II Deviance in Groups:

6. Questions about leopards and spots: Evaluating deviance against a backdrop of threats to collective success (Thomas A. Morton).

7. Debating deviance: Responding to Those who Fall from Grace (Jolanda Jetten, Aarti Iyer, Paul Hutchison, & Matthew J. Hornsey).

8. Children’s Understanding of Deviance and Group Dynamics: The Development of Subjective Group Dynamics (Dominic Abrams & Adam Rutland).

9.  Impostors Within Groups: The Psychology of Claiming to be Something You Are Not (Matthew J. Hornsey & Jolanda Jetten).

Section III Difference in Groups:

10.  Groups in Transition: Differences in the Context of Social Change (Radmila Prislin, Cory Davenport, & John Michalak).

11. The Independence Paradox (Jessica Salvatore & Deborah Prentice).

12. Explaining Differences in Opinion Expressions: Direction Matters (Kimberly Rios Morrison & Dale T. Miller).

13. Innovation Credit: When and Why do Group Members Give their Leaders License to Deviate from Group Norms? (Georgina Randsley de Moura, Dominic Abrams, José M. Marques, & Paul Hutchison).

Section IV Defiance in Groups:

14. Reactions to Defiant Deviants: Deliverance or Defensiveness? (Benoît Monin & Kieran O’Connor).

15. The Dissenter’s Dilemma, and a Social Identity Solution (Dominic J. Packer).

16. Integrating Models of Whistle-blowing and Wrongdoing: A Proposal for a New Research Agenda (Janet P. Near & Marcia P. Miceli).

17. Beyond Conformity: Revisiting Classic Studies and Exploring the Dynamics of Resistance (S. Alexander Haslam & Stephen D. Reicher).


This excellent volume represents a paradigm shift in how we think about the individual and the group. It is a welcome re-balance of our collective belief that conformity reigns in groups, and instead invites 'rebels' back into social psychology. For anyone seriously interested in group processes, this is a must-read. The volume illuminates us about when groups appreciate mavericks and deviants, and more broadly, it questions whether defiance on the part of individuals is rejected out-of-hand by groups and serves to enlighten us about the conditions under which variation and difference are not only tolerated but are applauded. The strong international contributions in this timely volume will shape the course of scholarship on groups in the years ahead.  
Nyla R. Branscombe,Professor of Psychology, University of Kansas, USA