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Recognizing and Engaging Employees For Dummies



Recognizing and Engaging Employees For Dummies

Bob Nelson

ISBN: 978-1-119-06780-1 August 2015 384 Pages


Improve engagement, productivity, and motivation with effective employee recognition

Recognizing and Engaging Employees for Dummies gives you the tools and information you need to improve morale, productivity, and personal achievement with a successful employee recognition program. Written by a world-leading authority in employee recognition, this book walks you step-by-step through the design and implementation process and describes the incentives that work, the behaviors to reward, and the mechanisms that must be in place for the program to be effective in the long term. You'll learn how to pinpoint the places where engagement and recognition could improve the bottom line, and how to structure the reward for optimal balance between motivational, financial, and organizational effectiveness. With clear explanations and a fun, friendly style, this book is your quick and easy guide to boosting productivity, profit, and customer satisfaction.

Most Americans who leave their jobs cite lack of recognition as the driving factor. When your employees feel appreciated, they stick around, work harder, achieve more, and drive your business onward and upward. This book shows you how to bring that dynamic to your workplace, with step-by-step guidance and helpful advice.

  • Design successful recognition programs
  • Create powerful incentives for employees
  • Reduce turnover, improve engagement, and drive excellence
  • Foster a happier and more productive workplace

Happy employees are productive employees. They get results. They innovate. They are the force behind the advancement of industries. Effective employee recognition programs are self-sustaining motivational tools that keep the fire lit. If you're ready to spark the flame, Recognizing and Engaging Employees for Dummies is the ideal guide for designing, implementing, and maintaining the program your employees have been waiting for.

Introduction 1

Part I: Enhancing Employee Engagement through Recognition 5

Chapter 1: The Quest for Engagement 7

Chapter 2: Strategies for an Engaged Workforce 21

Chapter 3: How Recognition Drives Employee Engagement 43

Part II: The Fundamentals of Employee Recognition 61

Chapter 4: The Importance of Employee Recognition Today 63

Chapter 5: The Principles of Employee Recognition 81

Chapter 6: The Manager’s Role in Recognizing Employees 97

Chapter 7: Getting Managers to Recognize Employees 113

Part III: Implementing Recognition throughout the Organization 133

Chapter 8: Creating a Culture of Recognition 135

Chapter 9: Engaging and Recognizing Individuals 155

Chapter 10: Engaging and Recognizing Teams 171

Chapter 11: Implementing Organizational Recognition 189

Part VI: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Recognition 207

Chapter 12: Recognition and Technology 209

Chapter 13: Sustaining and Reenergizing Recognition Efforts 225

Chapter 14: Troubleshooting Recognition Problems 241

Part V: Issues and Challenges in Recognizing and Engaging Employees 257

Chapter 15: Selling Recognition to Senior Management 259

Chapter 16: Recognizing and Engaging Millennials 273

Chapter 17: Engaging and Retaining High]Potential Employees 289

Part VI: The Part of Tens 311

Chapter 18: Top Ten Ironies of Motivation 313

Chapter 19: Top Ten Trends in Employee Recognition 323

Chapter 20: Ten No]Cost Strategies for Recognizing and Engaging Employees 335

Index 349