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Recommend This!: Delivering Digital Experiences that People Want to Share

Recommend This!: Delivering Digital Experiences that People Want to Share

Jason Thibeault, Kirby Wadsworth

ISBN: 978-1-118-87288-8

Jan 2014

272 pages



A detailed look at relationships and how to harness their power for business growth

This book teaches marketers how to build successful relationships with early-stage buyers by creating trust and a sense of friendship. The first step is learning to understand buyer activity to gauge what they want—or might want—when they first visit an online site. Then marketers must use strategies to capture the buyer’s attention and build the relationship carefully, rather than aggressively trying to close a sale.

Authors Jason Thibeault and Kirby Wadsworth have proven themselves as innovative thought leaders, researchers, and trustworthy guides in improving revenue streams. Their book aims to show organizations the value of relationships in a digital age and a clear method for quantifying that value. It includes specific techniques, like storytelling and personalized content, which have been proven to improve conversions and engage customers.

The barriers to finding and engaging with consumers have been destroyed by the ease of clicking a mouse button or tapping on a screen. Today’s technology enables competitors to emerge seemingly overnight, and the wide range of choices consumers have today means that businesses can no longer compete solely on product. Recommend This! helps organizations take advantage of the one aspect of business that hasn’t changed—relationships. It teaches marketers the strategies they need to be successful in a digital world where forming, cultivating, and taking advantage of relationships can be difficult.

Recommend This! teaches organizations how to measure and manage relationships while offering specific strategies to create revolutionary change. It is a must read for anyone who needs to understand how digital relationships alter the way we do business.

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Foreword by Phil Fernandez vii

Acknowledgments xi

Preface: Is Digital Marketing Dead? xiii

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Business as Usual Is Over . . . or Is It? 9

Chapter 2 Digital Changes Everything 19

Chapter 3 The Importance of Relationships 43

Chapter 4 How We Connect in the Digital World 53

Chapter 5 Measuring the Value of Relationships 81

Chapter 6 Bridging Digital 95

Chapter 7 Understanding Need 99

Chapter 8 Developing History 107

Chapter 9 Offering Curation 117

Chapter 10 Recognizing Faces 123

Chapter 11 Telling Stories 135

Chapter 12 Being Authentic 147

Chapter 13 Delivering Consistency 163

Chapter 14 Maintaining Credibility 173

Chapter 15 Helpfulness 185

Chapter 16 Nurturing Online Communities 197

Chapter 17 Delivering the Promise 211

Chapter 18 Looking Forward 227

Notes 237

Index 247