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Reconnecting: A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life

Reconnecting: A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life

Joseph J. Luciani

ISBN: 978-0-470-32505-6 April 2009 272 Pages


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A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life

""Reconnecting is an extraordinary book that can end needless relationship struggle and frustration. Dr. Luciani's approach is to empower you to become a catalyst for change and healing. Regardless of the nature of your struggle, if you read this book, you will be in a position to direct the love back into your life and reconnect with the relationship potential that you once knew.""

-Joe Franklin, legendary TV and radio personality

""An enlightening and hands-on approach to exploring change in relationships. This remarkable book gives us all another opportunity to create better partnerships and benefit from the process. Dr. Luciani facilitates personal change in a clear and concise style.""

-Janice Grossman, former publisher of Seventeen and New York magazines

What kind of animal are you? Are you a tiger or a turtle? How about a peacock? Maybe a little bit of everything? In Reconnecting, you'll find out how your animal personality and your partner's lie at the center of the conflicts that plague your relationship. These animals represent habits of behavior we use to defend ourselves and hide our insecurities in relationships. Understanding them and breaking the habits that are characteristic of your personality type are key to transforming your relationship from a constant series of struggles into a loving partnership.

Dr. Joseph Luciani explains how to put Self-Coaching to work to break these habits and make your relationship better, even if you must begin the process on your own with a reluctant partner. With clear, prescriptive advice and analyses as well as stories of Dr. Luciani's work with couples who successfully overcame bitter conflicts and developed loving committed relationships, this unique and invaluable resource is a powerful tool for anyone working through relationship issues.

Read Reconnecting and discover how to start rebuilding your relationship today.

Part I— Self-Coaching Phase: Working Without Your Partner.

1. Can I Really Save my Relationship?

2. Why Your Relationship Isn’t the Problem.

3. Insecurity and Control: Relationship Baggage.

4. Self-Coaching: Eliminating Your Contribution to the Problem.

5. Are You a Tiger, Turtle, Elephant, Chihuahua, or Peacock? Learning Your Reflexive Personality Style.

6. Assessing Your Reflexive Personality Patterns.

7. Sketching Your Self-Portrait.

8. Self-Talk: How to Let Go of Personal Baggage.

9. Self-Talk Step Two: Stop Listening to What Hurts You.

10. Self-Talk Step Three: Letting Go of What Hurts You.

11. Sketching a Relationship Portrait: Seeing the Whole Problem.

Part Two—Catalytic Phase: Working With Your Partner.

12. Creating a Relationship Vacuum.

13. Working with Self + Self = Us Portraits.

14. Coaching Each Other: Risking Trust.

15. Putting It All Together: Follow-Through.

16. Love, Infatuation, and Infidelity.

17. True Love, Great Sex: A Self-Coaching Understanding.

18. The Ten Essential Principles of Successful Relating.