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Records Management For Dummies

Records Management For Dummies

Blake Richardson CRM

ISBN: 978-1-118-38809-9

Sep 2012

312 pages

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Here's what you should know to manage data records efficiently

With proper electronic data management, your business can lower costs, improve efficiency, eliminate duplication, and be protected in the event of a lawsuit. This book provides an overview of records management solutions and implementation strategies in plain, non-technical English. Step-by-step instructions show you how to begin managing records and information and how to maintain the program once you have it established. Sample forms for inventory, scheduling, and necessary documentation are also available on the companion website.

  • Electronic records management offers cost savings, greater efficiency, and protection in case of legal action; this book gets you started on an effective data management system
  • This plain-English guide helps you determine what constitutes a record, shows you how to inventory records and create an efficient way to file both electronic and paper copies, and explains how to create a retention schedule
  • Walks you through switching to electronic record-keeping, what to look for in a records management system, implementing best practices, ensuring that your system will stay current, and using the system effectively
  • Helps you assure that the destruction of any sensitive information is conducted and documented correctly

Records Management For Dummies helps your business save money and improve efficiency with effective electronic records management.

Introduction  1

Part I: Setting the Stage  7

Chapter 1: Fundamentally Speaking 9

Chapter 2: Appraising 35

Chapter 3: Scheduling 49

Part II: Filing Made Simple  73

Chapter 4: I Know It’s Here Somewhere 75

Chapter 5: Drives Can Drive You Crazy 97

Chapter 6: A Message about E-Mail 113

Part III: Capturing Records  127

Chapter 7: Watch Out, I’m Backing Up 129

Chapter 8: Know When to Hold ’em 141

Chapter 9: Imaging Documents 153

Chapter 10: Software Applications 179

Part IV: Parking Spaces  199

Chapter 11: Storage Locations 201

Chapter 12: Compliant Destruction 213

Part V: Creating a Plan  225

Chapter 13: Codifying the Policies 227

Chapter 14: Train the Troops 237

Part VI: The Part of Tens  247

Chapter 15: Ten Simple Management Guidelines 249

Chapter 16: Ten Emerging Trends 259

Appendix: Sample Forms and Vendor Listings  269

Index  281

Sample Forms
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