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Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 For Dummies

Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 For Dummies

Jon Hall, Paul G. Sery

ISBN: 978-0-764-58870-9

Mar 2005

396 pages



  • Fedora Core "X" is the latest release of the leading Linux distribution, which boasts approximately 70 percent of the Linux market in the United States and serves as a low-cost alternative to more expensive operating systems
  • Written in the trademark friendly, humorous, easy-to-understand For Dummies style, this updated edition shows Linux newbies how to install and use Fedora Core
  • Includes new coverage of the SELinux infrastructure (an important new security feature), Linux and GNOME applications, how to fine-tune the GNOME desktop, and the new GStreamer multimedia tool
  • Companion DVD includes the full Fedora Core "X" distribution-all the tools and source code on the multi-CD version

Part I: Installing Fedora Core.

Chapter 1: And in the Opposite Corner . . . a Penguin?

Chapter 2: Paving the Way for Fedora Core.

Chapter 3: Ready, Set, Install!

Chapter 4: Getting to Know Fedora Core.

Part II: Got Net?

Chapter 5: Dull Dial-Up Modems Still Get the Job Done.

Chapter 6: Broadband Rocks!

Chapter 7: Connect Locally, Communicate Globally: Connecting to a LAN.

Chapter 8: Only You Can Prevent Bad Firewalls.

Part III: Linux, Huh! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Chapter 9: Gnowing GNOME.

Chapter 10: Gnowing More Applications.

Chapter 11: Surfin’ the Net and Using E-Mail.

Chapter 12: Using Audio and Video Applications.

Chapter 13: Going to the OpenOffice.

Chapter 14: The Days of Wine and Windows Applications.

Part IV: Revenge of the Nerds.

Chapter 15: Building Your Own Private Network.

Chapter 16: Creating Basic Linux Network Services.

Chapter 17: Securing Your Future.

Chapter 18: Bringing In the Fedora Core Repairman.

Chapter 19: Building a Streaming Audio Server.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Problem Areas and Solutions.

Chapter 21: Ten Security Vulnerabilities and Their Fixes.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Fedora Core Administration Utilities.

Appendix B: Discovering Your Hardware’s True Identity.

Appendix C: Filing Your Life Away.

Appendix D: Becoming a Suit: Managing the Linux File System.

Appendix E: Revving Up with RPM and YUM.

Appendix F: About the DVD.


ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
220CD Issue with Page 220,Page 220 instructs the reader to install the system-config-bind-A package using the Package Manager gui. That package is no longer listed by the package manager but is still on the DVD. The reader can install the package manually as follows: Insert the companion DVD Open a Terminal window Type the command su - and enter the root password when prompted. Type the following command with the quotes removed on one line rpm -ivh /media/cdrom/Fedora/RPMS/system-config-bind* NOTE: {the reader should substitute their value for cdrom}

Companion site

Go here to order the CDs, if you do not have a DVD drive.



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