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Rees Trio, Teamwork from Start to Finish: 10 Steps to Results!

Rees Trio, Teamwork from Start to Finish: 10 Steps to Results!

ISBN: 978-0-787-91061-7

Apr 1997, Pfeiffer

224 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Show your team how to chart its own course, evaluate its progress, and self-correct.

Many books talk about teamwork, but few address the actual process of creating and managing effective teams. You'll learn to approach teamwork as a journey with a beginning, middle, and satisfying And. Find out how to construct a blueprint to carry your team along.

Discover the two factors essential for well functioning teams: getting work done and building and maintaining the spirit and momentum of the team.

Frequently teams are built and challenged to work as a unit, but the team members aren't clear about what steps to take and when to take them. Keep your team from becoming confused, frustrated and ultimately giving up. Develop step-by-step proceedures to get work done!

You'll learn these ten steps:

* Focusing the team
* Assigning roles
* Establishing guidelines
* Planning the work
* Doing the work
* Reviewing team performance
* Completing the work
* Publishing the results
* Rewarding the team
* Moving on

Create teams that work together to increase productivity, improve quality, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.
Overview of the Ten Steps.

Phase I: Getting Organized.

Step One: Focus the Team.

Step Two: Assign Roles.

Step Three: Establish Guidelines.

Phase II: Producing.

Step Four: Plan the Work.

Step Five: Do the Work.

Step Six: Review Team Performance.

Step Seven: Complete the Work.

Phase III: Wrapping Up.

Step Eight: Publish the Results.

Step Nine: Reward the Team.

Step Ten: Move On.

Practical Lessons in Teamwork.

Making Team Decisions.

Holding Productive Team Meetings.

Capitalizing on Team Diversity.

Understanding Group Dynamics.

Celebrating Team Milestones.

Fostering Team Creativity.