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Reflection Seismology: A Global Perspective

Reflection Seismology: A Global Perspective

Muawia Barazangi (Editor), Larry Brown (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67030-9

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

311 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 13.

That deep seismic reflection profiling has become a "necessary tool" to explore the deep basement of the continental crust is now well established. The question is: Will deep reflection profiling become a "standard tool" that is routinely used on all continents, as is surface geological mapping? This question can be answered in the affirmative. A clear indication of this trend are the results of the "International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continental Crust: Results from Reflection Seismology", which was held June 26-28, 1984 on the Cornell University campus and which forms the basis for these two Geodynamics Series volumes. This was the first such international meeting, and plans are already under way to hold such a meeting every two years in a different country.

Muawia Baramngi and Larry Brown xi

List of Reviewers xii


A Global Perspective on Seismic Reflection Profiling of the Continental Crust
Jack Oliver 1

Deep Reflections from the Caledonides and Variscides West of Britain and Comparison with the
Himalayas Drummozd
H. Matthews and Michael J. Cheadle 5

Deep Seismic Profiling of the Crust in Northern France: The ECORS Project
C. Bois, M. Cazes, B. Damotte, A. Galdiano, A. Hirn, A. Mascle, P. Matte, J. F. Raoult, and G. Torreilles 21

Nature and Development of the Crust According to Deep Reflection Data From the German Variscides
Rolf Meissner and Thomas Wever 31

Detailed Crustal Structure From a Seismic Reflection Survey in Northern Switzerland
P. Finckh, W. Frei, B. Fuller, R. Johnson, St. Mueller, S. Smithson, and Chr. Sprecher 43

Characteristics of the Reflecting Layers in the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle in Hungary
Kdroly Posgay, Istvdn Albu, Giza Rdner, and Giza Varga 55

A Review of Continental Reflection Profiling in Australia
F. J. Moss and S. P. Mathur 67

Recent Reflection Seismic Developments in the Witwatersrand Basin
R. J. Durrheim 77

Recent Seismic Reflection Studies in Canada
A. G. Green, M. J . Beny, C. P. Spencer, E. R. Kanasewich, S. Chiu, R. M. Clowes, C. J. Yorath, D. B. Stewart, J. D. Unger, and W. H. Poole 85

Seismic Reflection Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey
Robert M. Hamilton 99

The First Decade of COCORP: 1974-1984
Lary Brown, Muawia Baraangi, Sidney Kaufman, and Jack Oliver 107

Crustal Structure Studies in New Zealand
T. A. Stern, F. J. Davey, and E. G. C. Smith 121

Tectonic Framework of Narmada-Son Lineament-A Continental Rift System in Central India From
Deep Seismic Soundings
K. L. Kaila 133

A Geophysical Investigation of Deep Structure in China
Xuecheng Yuan, Shi Wang, Li Li, and Jieshou Zhu 151

Deep Crustal Knowledge in Italy
C. Morelli 161

Long-Range Seismic Refraction Profiles in Europe
St. Mueller and J. Ansorge 167


Crustal Studies in Central California Using an 800-Channel Seismic Reflection Recording System
Mark D. Zoback and Carl M. Wentworth 183

Interpretive Processing of Crustal Seismic Reflection Data: Examples From Laramie Range COCORP
Roy A. Johnson and Scott B. Smithson 197

Aspects of COCORP Deep Seismic Profiling
Larry D. Brown 209

Enhanced Imaging of the COCORP Seismic Line, Wind River Mountains
J. Sharry, R. T. Langan, D. B.Jovanovich, G. hf. Jones, N. R. Hill, and T. M. Guidish 223

An Expanding Spread Experiment During COCORP's Field Operation in Utah Char-Shine Liu,
Tianfei Zhu, Harlow Farmer, and Larry Brown 237

Crustal Reflection and Refraction Velocities: A Comparison
Z. Hajnal 247

The Continental MohoroviEiC Discontinuity: Results From Near-Vertical and Wide-Angle Seismic
Reflection Studies
L. W. Braile and C. S. Chiang 257

Reassessing Seismic Refraction on the Edwards Plateau
H. J. Dorman, T. H. Crawford, J. W. Stelrig, and P. J. Tarantolo 273

Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling the Continental Crust at Sea
M. R. Warner 281

Modeling Lower Crust Reflections Observed on BIRPS Profiles
D. J. Blundell and B. Raynaud 287

Comparison of Deep Reflection and Refraction Structures in the North Sea
P. J. Barton 297

Interpreting the Deep Structure of Rifts With Synthetic Seismic Sections
Carolyn Peddy, Larry D. Brown, and Simon L. Klemperer 301

The companion to this volume, Geodynamics Series Volume 14, Rejlection Seismology: The Continental Crust (Muawia Barazangi and Larry Brown, Editors), contains the following:

Implications of Deep Crustal Evolution for Seismic Reflection Interpretation
Dartid M. Fountain

Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data in Complexly Deformed Terranes: A Geologist's Perspective Hubert D. Hatcher, Jr.

Continental Evolution by Lithospheric Shingling
Frederick A. Cook

Crustal Reflections and Crustal Structure
Scot B. Smilhon, Roy A. Johnson, and Charles A. Hunch

Fluids in Deep Continental Crust
W. S. Fyfe

Tectonic Escape in the Evolution of the Continental Crust
Kevin B urke and Celal Sengar

Modern Analogs for Some Midcrustal Reflections Observed Beneath Collisional Mountain Belts
Robert J. Lillie and Mohammed Yowuf

Reflections From the Subcrustal Lithosphere
Karl Fuch

Deep Crustal Signatures in India and Contiguous Regions From Satellite and Ground Geophysical Data
M. N. Qureshj and R. K. Midha


Seismic Reflection Profiles of Precambrian Crust: A Qualitative Assessment
Allan K. Gibbs

Composition, Structure and Evolution of the Early Precambrian Lower Continental Crust: Constraints From Geological Observations and Age Relationships
Alfred Krbner

Precambrian Crustal Structure of the Northern Baltic Shield From the Fennolora Profile: Evidence for Upper Crustal Anisotropic Laminations
Kenneth H. Ohen and Carl-Erik Lund

Evidence for an Inactive Rift in the Precambrian From a Wide-Angle Reflection Survey Across the Ottawa-Bonnechere
Graben Robert Mom, Dapeng Wang, and Oliver Kuhn

A Possible Exposed Conrad Discontinuity in the Kapuskasing Uplift, Ontario
John A. Percival

Seismic Crusral Structure Northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario
Roger A. Young, Jeffrrcy Wright, and G. F. West


A Seismic Cross Section of the New England Appalachians: The Orogen Exposed
Robert A. Phinney

Moho Reflections From the Long Island Platform, Eastern United States
D. R. Hutchinsun, J . A. GTOWK, . D. Klitgurd, and R. S. Datrick

The Quebec-Westem Maine Seismic Reflection Profile: Setting and First Year Results
D. B. Stewart, J. D. Linger, J. D. PhiUtps, R. Cokknrilh, W. H. Poole, C. P. Spmrr, A. G. Green, M. C. Loisrllt, and P. St-Julim

Structural Interpretation of Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles Crossing the Southeastern United States and the Adjacent Continental Margin-Decollements, Faults, Triassic Basins and Moho Reflections John C. Behrrndt

Crustal Thickness, Velocity Structure, and the Isostatic Response Function in the Southern Appalachians Leland
T. Long and Jcih-San Liow

Nature of the Lower Continental Crust: Evidence From BIRPS Work on the Caledonides
Jeremy Hall

The Hercynian Evolution of the South West British Continental Margin
G. A. Day


The Deep Crust in Convergent and Divergent Terranes: Laramide Uplifts and Basin-Range Rifts George A. Thmnpsm and Janice L. Hill

Phanerozoic Tectonics of the Basin and Range--Colorado Plateau Transition from COCORP Data and Geologic Data: A Review
Richard W. Allmendinger, Harloul Fanner, Emext Hauser, James Sharp, Dough Von Tuh, Jack Olivrer, and Sidney Kaufman

Seismic Profiling of the Lower Crust: Dixie Valley, Nevada
David A. Okaya

Reflection Profiles From the Snake Range Metamorphic Core Complex: A Window Into the Mid-Crust
Jill McCarthy

Shallow Structure of the Southern Albuquerque Basin (Rio Grande Rift), New Mexico, From COCORP Seismic Reflection Data
Zhcngwm Wu

Geometries of Deep Crustal Faults: Evidence From the COCORP Mojave Survey
M. J. Chcadle, B. L. Cruchra. C. J. Ando, T. Byme, L. D. Broum, J. E. Oliver, and S. Kaufman

Structure of the Lithosphere in a Young Subduction Zone: Results From Reflection and Refraction Studies
Rorr M. Cloules, George D. Spcnce, Robrrl M. Ellis, and David A. Waldron

The Victoria Land Basin: Part of an Extended Crustal Complex Between East and West Antarctica Yeadong Kim, L. D. McGinnis, and R. H. Bowen

Whole-Lithosphere Normal Simple Shear: An Interpretation of Deep-Reflection Profiles in Great Britain Brian Wmicke