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Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust

Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust

Muawia Barazangi (Editor), Larry Brown (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67011-8 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 339 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 14.

That deep seismic reflection profiling has become a "necessary tool" to explore the deep basement of the continental crust is now well established. The question is: Will deep reflection profiling become a "standard tool" that is routinely used on all continents, as is surface geological mapping? This question can be answered in the affirmative. A clear indication of this trend are the results of the "International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continental Crust: Results from Reflection Seismology", which was held June 26-28, 1984 on the Cornell University campus and which forms the basis for these two Geodynamics Series volumes. This was the first such international meeting, and plans are already under way to hold such a meeting every two years in a different country.

Muawia Barazangi and Larry Brown xi

List of Reviewers xii


Implications of Deep Crustal Evolution for Seismic Reflection Interpretation
David M . Fountain 1

Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data in Complexly Deformed Terranes: A Geologist's
Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. 9

Continental Evolution by Lithospheric Shingling
Frederick A. Cook 13

Crustal Reflections and Crustal Structure
Scott B. Smithson, Roy A . Johnson, and Charles A . Hurich 21

Fluids in Deep Continental Crust
W.S. Fyfe 33

Tectonic Escape in the Evolution of the Continental Crust
Kevin Burke and Celia Sangor 41

Modern Analogs for Some Midcrustal Reflections Observed Beneath Collisional Mountain
Belts Robert J. Lillie and Mohammedo Yusuf 55 

Reflections  From the Subcrustal Lithosphere
Karl Fuchs 67

Deep Crustal S ignatures in India and Contiguous Regions From Satellite and Ground Geophysical
M. N. Qureshy and R. K. Midha 77


Seismic Reflection Profiles of Precambrian Crust: A Qualitative Assessment
Allan K. Gibbs 95

Composition, Structure and Evolution of the Early Precambrian Lower Continental C rust:
Constraints From Geological Observations and Age Relationship
Alfred Kroner 107

Precambrian Crustal Structure of the Northern Baltic Shield From the Fennolora Profile: Evidence
for Upper Crustal Anisotropic Laminations
Kenneth H. Olsen and Carl-Erik Lund 121

Evidence for an Inactive Rift in the Precambrian From a Wide-Angle Reflection Survey Across the
Ottawa-Bonneche Greraben
Robert Mereu, Dapeng Wang, and Oliver Kuhn !27

A Possible Exposed Conrad Discontinuity in the Kapuskasing Uplift, Ontario
John A. Percival 135

Seismic Crustal Structure Northwesot of Thunder Bay, Ontario
Roger A. Young, Jeffrey Wright, and C. F. West 148


A Seismic Cross Section of the New England Appalachians: The Orogen Exposed
Robert A. Phinney 157

Moho Reflections From the Long Island Platform, Eastern United States
D.R. Hutchinson, J. A . Grow, K . D. Klitgord, and R. S. Detrick 173

The Quebec-Western Maine Seismic Reflection Profile: Setting and First Year Results
D. B. Stewart, J. D. Unger, J. D. Phillips, R. Goldsmith, W. H. Poole, C. P. Spencer, A. G. Green, M. C. Loiselle, and P. St-Julien 189

Structural Interpretation of Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles Crossing the Southeastern
United States and the Adjacent Continental Margin--Decollements, Faults, Triassic Basins and
Moho Reflections
John C. Behrendt 201

Crustal T hickness, Velocity Structure, and the Isostatic Response Function in the Southern
Leland T. Long and Jeih-San Liow 215

Nature of the Lower Continental Crust: Evidence From BIRPS Work on the Caledonides
Jeremy Hall 223

The Hercynian Evolution of the South West British Continental Margin
G. A. Day 233


The Deep Crust in Convergent and Divergent Terranes: Laramide Uplifts and Basin-Range Rifts
George A. Thompson and Janice L. Hill 243

Phanerozoic Tectonics of the Basin and Range--Colorado Plateau Transition from COCORP Data
and Geologic Data: A Review
Richard W. Allmendinger, Harlow Farmer, Ernest Hauser, James Sharp, Douglas Von Tish, Jack Oliver, and Sidney Kaufman 257

Seismic Profiling of the Lowe Crust: Dixie Valley, Nevada
David A. Okaya  269

Reflection Profiles From the Snake Range Metamorphic Core Complex: A Window Into the Mid-Crust
Jill McCarthy 281

Shallow Structure of the Southern Albuquerque Basin (Rio Grande Rift), New Mexico, From
COCORP Seismic Reflection Data
Zheng-we Wnu 293

Geometries of Deep Crustal Faults: Evidence From the COCORP
Mojave Survey M. J. Cheadle, B. L. Czuchra, C. J. Ando, T. Byrne, L. D. Brown, J. E. Oliver, and S. Kaufman 305

Structure of the Lithosphere in a Young Subduction Zone: Results From Reflection and Refraction
Ron M. Clowes, George D. Spence, Robert M. Ellis, and David A. Waldron 313

The Victoria Land Basin: Part of an Extended Crustal Complex Between East and West Antarctica
Yeadong Kim, L. D. McGinnis, and R. H. Bowen 323

Whole-Lithosphere Normal Simple Shear: An Interpretation of Deep-Reflection Profiles in Great Britan
Brian Wernicke 331