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Reflections in Personal Construct Theory

Richard Butler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-74357-7 September 2012 452 Pages


Internationally-renowned practitioners discuss the impact of reflexivity on their work, giving those new to personal construct psychology valuable insights and guidance on managing the therapeutic relationship.

  • Reflexivity is a key methodological issue in psychological theory and practice, and is an area of growing interest
  • International contributors include prominent constructivist psychologists such as Richard Bell and David Winter
  • Will help constructivist therapists to gain a better understanding of the nature of personal constructs from the perspective of both client and therapist
List of contributors.



Section I Exploring Personal Construct Theory.

Chapter 1 Coming to terms with personal construct theory (Richard Butler).

Chapter 2 The construct (Harry Procter).

Section II The Men behind the Theory.

Chapter 3 The George Kelly I knew (Jay S. Efran).

Chapter 4 Don Bannister through the looking glass (Fay Fransella).

Section III Construct Theory as a Meaningful Alternative.

Chapter 5 Individuality, community and criminal behaviour (James Horley).

Chapter 6 Shaking hands with a serial killer (David A. Winter).

Chapter 7 Encounters of the puzzling kind: the organisational corollary in relation to self-construing (Richard Butler).

Chapter 8 Sauce for the gander (Sally Robbins).

Chapter 9 Griddled with angst: a roller-coaster ride on the repertory grid (Richard Bell).

Section IV Construct Theory as an Elaborative Choice.

Chapter 10 Living aggressively (Jonathan D. Raskin).

Chapter 11 The guilty choice: reflections on dislodgement, extension and definition (Peter Cummins).

Chapter 12 Different readings of personal construct theory (Trevor Butt).

Chapter 13 The teacher, the singer and the personal construct theorist: an unlikely but fruitful dialogue (Vivien Burr).

Chapter 14 Refl exivity: what in the 'GAK' is that? (Desley Hennessy).

Section V No One Need be a Victim of Their Biography.

Chapter 15 Differentiating the I from the ME (Jerald R. Forster).

Chapter 16 Mirror man (David Green).

Chapter 17 Landmarks on a personal odyssey (Finn Tschudi).

Chapter 18 Reconstruing after a change in health status (örn Scheer).

Chapter 19 Constructions of death and loss: a personal and professional evolution (Robert A. Neimeyer).

Chapter 20 Reflections on the creation of a dissertation (Dennis Hinkle).

Section VI The Client as an Active Participant.

Chapter 21 Enculturing reflexivity across cultures: non-PC lessons from study abroad (Naoimh O'Connor).

Chapter 22 The icing on the sausage: The emancipation of constructive alternativism (Dina Pekkala).

Chapter 23 Theory, therapy and life: experiential personal construct psychology and the 'desert places' of a therapist (Larry M. Leitner).

Chapter 24 Reflexivity, research and practice: explorations in experiential personal construct psychology (Alexandra L. Adame, Anthony J. Pavlo, Brendon M. Smith, Hugo J. Schielke & Larry M. Leitner).

Chapter 25 The joint experiment of research supervision (Beverly M. Walker).

Section VII And Finally . . . Reflections on Reflexivity.

Chapter 26 Critical consciousness in action: reflections on reflection in, from and beyond personal construct psychology (Bill Warren).