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Reflections on Mexico '68

Keith Brewster (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33276-6 March 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 192 Pages


Presenting a multi-disciplinary approach to Mexico City’s staging of the Olympic Games in 1968, this book combines analyses of literary works and protest music with comparative history to offer a fresh appreciation of the significance of the event. 
  • Explores the first Olympic Games to be hosted by a Spanish-speaking, Latin American country
  • Includes new and pioneering research data on the Mexico Games
  • An innovative approach from scholars from a variety of disciplines
  • Re-appraisal of momentous events from an unusually wide diversity of geographical and thematic perspectives
  • Applies historical analysis to inform future events

Contributor Biographies.

Introduction (Keith Brewster, Newcastle University, UK).

1 ‘Prensa, Prensa’: A Journalist’s Reflections on Mexico ’68 (John Rodda).

2 Changing Impressions of Mexico for the 1968 Games (Claire Brewster, Newcastle University, UK).

3 Teaching Mexicans How to Behave: Public Education on the Eve of the Olympics (Keith Brewster, Newcastle University, UK).

4 Lyon ’68: The Games that Weren’t, or the Intermediate Event-zone of a Non-Olympics (Hugh Dauncey, Newcastle University, UK).

5 ‘Nasty Demonstrations by Negroes’: The Place of the Smith–Carlos Podium Salute in the Civil Rights Movement (Simon Henderson, Newcastle University, UK).

6 Mexico 1968 and South Africa 2010: Sombreros and Vuvuzelas and the Legitimisation of Global Sporting Events (Chris Bolsmann, Aston University, UK).

7 LuisGonz´alez de Alba’s Los d´ias y los a˜nos (1971) and Elena Poniatowska’s La noche de Tlatelolco (1971): Foundational Representations of Mexico ’68 (Chris Harris, University of Liverpool, UK).

8 Traumatic Time in Roberto Bola ˜no’s Amuleto and the Archive of 1968 (Ryan Long, University of Oklahoma, USA).

9 ‘Writing Our History in Songs’: Judith Reyes, Popular Music and the Student Movement of 1968 (Hazel Marsh, University of East Anglia, UK).