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Edited By:Susan V. Bryant and Enrique Amaya

Vol 4(4 Issues in 2017 ) Online ISSN: 2052-4412


Regeneration is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the publication of papers covering regeneration and tissue repair in animals and plants. In the past few decades we have learned much about the molecular mechanisms underlying tissue development, but much less so about the mechanisms underpinning the remarkable capacities of some organisms to repair and regenerate their tissues following injury. Against the backdrop of basic research in developmental biology, and in conjunction with the ascendancy of stem cell biology, the time is ripe to explore the next frontier in regenerative medicine facilitated by natural and assisted healing and regeneration mechanisms, found in other model organisms. The goals of the Editors and publishers of Regeneration are to provide the first dedicated venue for research related to repair and regeneration in its many forms, and in all relevant species.

Regeneration publishes articles as full-length Research Articles, Short Communications, Reviews and Perspectives. In addition, the journal publishes Editorials as well as Letters to the Editors.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:
• Regeneration biology
• Stem cell biology
• Tissue engineering
• Pattern formation
• Plasticity
• Dedifferentiation
• Wound healing