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Regolith Geology and Geomorphology

Regolith Geology and Geomorphology

G. Taylor, R. A. Eggleton

ISBN: 978-0-471-97454-3

Aug 2001

384 pages

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Providing fundamental discussion of regolith properties and chemistry, this book considers many landscape situations and features, whilst linking process to position, geochemistry and time. Presenting information from an Australian perspective it provides new insights into the subject, which are developed away from the yoke of traditional Northern Hemisphere ideas and concepts.

* Presents a new approach to the problems of understanding regolith geology and landscapes
* Presents the general aspects and principles of regolith
* Chapters present views on landscapes and their evolution, the nature of minerals, the behaviour of water at a landscape level and the exploration of water behaviour at various scales in regolith materials
* Investigates methods of conveying information about regolith via maps and in GIS packages

Introduction: Of Rotten Rocks, Soils and Solutions.

Overview -
Landscapes and the Evolution of the Regolith.

Earth Materials.

Weathering: Agents and Controls.

Landscape and Regolith Hydrology.

The Chemistry of Weathering.

Regolith Geochemistry

Mineral Weathering.

Rock Weathering.

Products of Weathering.

In Situ Weathering Profiles.

Physically Transported Regolith.

Solute Transport and Precipitation in the Regolith.

Regolith Mapping.

Importance and Applications of Regolith Geology and Landscapes.


Author Index.

Subject Index.
It is a professional reference that should be of value to many on the front lines of consulting and research." (Geological Magazine, Vol.138 No.6 2001)

"useful introductory text" (Environmental Geology, January 2002)

"this is a more interesting and informative book that first impressions suggest" (Geoscientist, April 2002)