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Regulatory Practice for Biopharmaceutical Production

Regulatory Practice for Biopharmaceutical Production

Anthony S. Lubiniecki (Editor), Susan A. Vargo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-04900-5

Jul 1994

566 pages

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Biotechnology represents a novel and expanding international industry bound by new and ever-changing legislature. This text provides a comprehensive overview of product-specific, international and country-specific licensing requirements and general regulatory issues in biotechnology.
Partial table of contents:

A U.S.

View of New Biotechnology Regulation (H. Miller).

Genetic Stability of Host Cell and Product (M. Wiebe & N. Lin).

Quality Control Issues for the New Biotechnology (S. Vargo).

Strategic Decisions in Process Design (A. Lubiniecki).

Experience in Manufacturing, Testing, and Licensing a Hepatitis B Vaccine Produced by Recombinant Technology (A. Elliott, et al.).

Tissue Plasminogen Activator: Regulatory Issues (D. Beebe & G. Murano).

Recombinant Peptide Hormones (Y.-y.


Cytokine and Growth Factor Products (L. Dujack & K. Zoon).

Licensing Biotechnology Facilities (R. Devine).

Computerized Systems Validation (R. Branning).

Regulation of Pharmaceuticals in Japan (M. Dibner).

Unresolved Issues (T. Copmann & J. Petricciani).