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Relating Geophysical Structures and Processes: The Jeffreys Volume

Relating Geophysical Structures and Processes: The Jeffreys Volume

Keiiti Aki (Editor), Renata Dmowska (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66912-9 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 133 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 76.

A successful geophysicist must learn how to create a model simple enough for the application of principles of mathematical physics, and yet capable of capturing the essence of the phenomena in the Earth. In the past, geophysicists tended to restrict themselves to either a study of structure or a study of process. The time has come to combine these two lines of study for better understanding of phenomena in the Earth. This volume represents an initial effort toward this goal by providing a survey of such modeling of geophysical structures and processes covering the whole Earth from its ionosphere to the inner core.

K. Aki, R. Dmowska ix

Helmut Moritz xi

1 Jeffreys and the Earth
Bruce A. Bolt 1

2 The Ionosphere
David R. Bates 11

3 Hurricanes and Atmospheric Processes
Yoshio Kurihara 19

4 Upper Mantle Density Anomalies, Tectonic Stress in the Lithosphere, and Plate Boundary Forces
Martin H. P. Bott 27

5 A Simple Rheological Framework for Comparative Subductology
Toshiko Shimornoto, Tetsuzo Seno, and Seiyo Uyeda 39

6 Seismic Structure and Heterogeneity in the Upper Mantle
B. L. N. Kennett 53

7 Seismic Tomography and Geodynamics
Adam M. Dziewonski, Alessandro M. Forte, Weijia Su, and Robert L. Woodward 67

8 Topographic Core-Mantle Coupling and Fluctuations in the Earth's Rotation
R. Hide, R. W. Clayton, B. H. Huger, M. A. Spieth, and C. V. Voorhies 107

9 Chemical Reactions at the Earth's Core-Mantle Boundary: Summary of Evidence and Geomagnetic
Raymond Jeanloz 121

10 Pressure-Temperature Regimes and Core Formation in the Accreting Earth
Horton E. Newsom and Frederick A. Slane 129