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Relational-centred Research for Psychotherapists: Exploring Meanings and Experience

Relational-centred Research for Psychotherapists: Exploring Meanings and Experience

Linda Finlay (Editor), Ken Evans (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-99776-5 October 2009 274 Pages


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An accessible, practical introduction to carrying out qualitative research in psychotherapy and counselling for practitioners who want or who are required to contribute to the profession’s evidence base.
  • Gives clear guidance on how to set up and conduct small scale research that is based in clinical practice
  • Assumes no prior knowledge of qualitative research and is aimed specifically at psychotherapists
  • Recognises development of the evidence base for psychotherapy through qualitative research as a key objective for practitioners
About the Editors.

Contributing Authors.


Part I: Engaging Qualitative Research and the Relational-centred Approach.


1. Qualitative Relational-centred Research: A ‘Voyage of Discovery’.

2. Competing Qualitative Research Traditions.

3. Embodied Co-creation: Theory and Values for Relational Research.

4. Challenging ‘Evidence-based Practice’.

5. Quality in Qualitative Relational-centred Research.

Part II: Relational-centred Research: Being and Doing.


6. Setting Up Research.

7. The Research Encounter: Co-creating your Data.

8. Embracing Relational Research: Learning from Therapy.

9. Engaging ‘Process’.

10. Analysis of Data (Linda Finlay and Anna Madill).

11. Relational Ethics.

12. Becoming a Relational Researcher.

Part III: Relational-centred Research in Action.


13. ‘My Heart was Killing Me’: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Anger (Virginia Eatough).

14. A Therapist’s Portrait of a Clinical Encounter with a Somatizer (Maria Luca).

15. Relating through Difference: A Critical Narrative Analysis (Darren Langdridge).

16. A Journey into Survival and Coping by Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (Susan L. Morrow).



""This is a useful and informative introductory book. It sparked my interest in pursuing some of the suggested methods and topics of research within my own setting."" (Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand, June 2010)