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Relativistic Effects in Chemistry, 2 Volume Set



Relativistic Effects in Chemistry, 2 Volume Set

ISBN: 978-0-471-18184-2 May 1997 828 Pages


A practical, comprehensive reference for relativistic quantum chemistry

Relativistic Effects in Chemistry is a comprehensive reference, and the only book to provide comprehensive computational results of all covered species. Covering all aspects of relativistic quantum chemistry, this set is split into two volumes for ease of use: Part A describes basic theory and techniques used to study the relativistic effects of chemical bonding and spectroscopic properties of molecules containing both main group and transition metal atoms; Part B describes very heavy atoms, and provides results of computations on clusters, halides, hydrides, chalconides, lanthanides, and actinides, including metals in fullerene cages.

"This book represents an invaluable source in relativistic quantum chemistry and is recommended warmly to anyone with an interest in this area . . .it fills a gap in the literature that has existed far too long."---- Chemistry in Britain