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Releasing the Self: The Healing Legacy of Heinz Kohut

Releasing the Self: The Healing Legacy of Heinz Kohut

Phil Mollon

ISBN: 978-1-861-56229-6 June 2001 292 Pages


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This book revisits in depth Kohut's own accounts of his theory and clinical work and links them with other contemporary perspectives within psychoanalysis.


  • Rage, shame and presymbolic dread
  • Discerning invisible structures
  • Perversion, the vertical split and the psychoeconomic dimension
  • The healing process in Kohut's psychoanalysis
  • Empathy and the intersubjectivists
  • Kohut and the internal object
  • Impasse and Oedipus
  • Schizophrenia and depression
  • The fragmented self and the thwarted self
  • The developmental neurobiology of the self object relationship
  • Self psychology perspectives on childhood trauma
  • Further reflections on psychoanalytic cure
Chapter 1 - Rage, Shame and Presymbolic Dread.

Chapter 2 - Discerning invisible Structures.

Chapter 3 - Perversion, The Vertical Split and The psychoeconomic Dimension.

Chapter 4 - The Healing Process in Kohut' s psychoanalysis.

Chapter 5 - Empathy and The Intersubjectivists.

Chapter 6 - kohut and The Internal Object.

Chapter 7 - Impasse and Oedipus.

Chapter 8 - schizophrenia and Depression. The Fragmented Self and The Thwarted Self.

Chapter 9 - The Developmental Neurobiology of The Self Object Relationship.

Chapter 10 - Self Psychology Perspectives on Childhood Trauma.

Chapter 11 - further Reflections on Psychoanalytic Cure.


Notes on Kohut The Man references.