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Relevance: Hitting Your Goals by Knowing What Matters

Relevance: Hitting Your Goals by Knowing What Matters

David Apgar

ISBN: 978-0-470-26219-1

Mar 2008, Jossey-Bass

224 pages



In this groundbreaking book, business guru David Apgar helps leaders pinpoint which information matters most for successful goal setting, strategy, and bottom-line performance. Based on simple and easy-to-implement practices, Relevance outlines a new discipline focused on the relevance of performance measures for assessing key strategy issues and accelerating learning. David Apgar’s practices are grounded in solid business research and clearly illustrated with real-life examples from top-performing companies such as Toyota, Alcoa, Nestlé, Capital One, Cisco, Microsoft, and GE.
Introduction: The End of the Information Revolution.

1 Growing to Learn.

2 Goals, Assumptions, and the Eight-Line Strategy.

3 Knowing What Matters.

4 Key Performance Indicators and the Metrics Matrix.

5 Three Kinds of Performance Gaps and the Strategy Review.

6 Planning to Evolve.

Conclusion: The Beginning of the Relevance Revolution.



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