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Reliability Assessment Using Stochastic Finite Element Analysis



Reliability Assessment Using Stochastic Finite Element Analysis

Achintya Haldar, Sankaran Mahadevan

ISBN: 978-0-471-36961-5 May 2000 344 Pages


The first complete guide to using the Stochastic Finite Element Method for reliability assessment

Unlike other analytical reliability estimation techniques, the Stochastic Finite Element Method (SFEM) can be used for both implicit and explicit performance functions, making it a particularly powerful and robust tool for today's engineer. This book, written by two pioneers in SFEM-based methodologies, shows how to use SFEM for the reliability analysis of a wide range of structures.

It begins by reviewing essential risk concepts, currently available risk evaluation procedures, and the use of analytical and sampling methods in estimating risk. Next, it introduces SFEM evaluation procedures, with detailed coverage of displacement-based and stress-based deterministic finite element approaches. Linear, nonlinear, static, and dynamic problems are considered separately to demonstrate the robustness of the methods. The risk or reliability estimation procedure for each case is presented in different chapters, with theory complemented by a useful series of examples.

Integrating advanced concepts in risk-based design, finite elements, and mechanics, Reliability Assessment Using Stochastic Finite Element Analysis is vital reading for engineering professionals and students in all areas of the field.
Basic Concept of Reliability.

Commonly Used Probability Distributions.

Fundamentals of Reliability Analysis.

Simulation Techniques.

Implicit Performance Functions: Introduction to SFEM.

SFEM for Linear Static Problems.

SFEM for Spatial Variability Problems.

SFEM-Based Reliability Evaluation of Nonlinear Two- and Three-Dimensional Structures.

Structures under Dynamic Loading.