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Reliability of MEMS: Testing of Materials and Devices


This first book to cover exclusively and in detail the principles, tools and methods for determining the reliability of microelectromechanical materials, components and devices covers both component materials as well as entire MEMS devices. Divided into two major parts, following a general introductory chapter to reliability issues, the first part looks at the mechanical properties of the materials used in MEMS, explaining in detail the necessary measuring technologies -- nanoindenters, bulge methods, bending tests, tensile tests, and others. Part Two treats the actual devices, organized by important device categories such as pressure sensors, inertial sensors, RF MEMS, and optical MEMS.
Introduction -
Reliability Issues in MEMS
Part I: Mechanical Reliability of MEMS Materials
Mechanical Properties of MEMS Materials
Bulge Methods
Bending Test using Probe Tools
Uni-axial Tensile Test with Specialized Chucking Methods
On-chip Microstructures
Part II: Reliability of MEMS Devices
Pressure Sensors
Inertial Sensors
Optical MEMS
"The book will undoubtedly be of interest to MEMS practitioners and researchers." (Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, February 2008)